3 Children’s Journals Just Print Published on Amazon Create Space

Kids Journal Cover RENNA copyChildrens Cruise Cover RENNA RENNAChildren's Travel Cover copy

“Are we there yet?” The famous, or infamous question we have all heard from our backseat children asking over and over if the family has arrived for its anticipated destination.

There are many activity books, coloring books, and video attention grabbers available to keep little minds occupied. Well, here is something new. I have just designed, written, and published three journals, or diaries, that will keep children engaged and active during any journey in a car, aboard a cruise ship, in a national park, or just out for a day trip in the neighborhood. In the travel section of my website, JournalsCentral.com I have added three new journals to my ever growing list of journals now available for purchase. The new titles are: “National Park Journal for Children,” “Cruise Journal for Children,” and “Travel Journal for Children.” I have made these journals available in color and packed them with artwork and ample space for your kids to write or draw.

Not only will these journals keep your children engaged for each day of your vacation but they will also urge them to use their imaginations and their little growing minds. Writing down their thoughts and drawing images in these journals is a great stimulation and boost to the learning curve for little minds developing quickly. And years from now, those thoughts and images that your children produce now will be a memorialization of those years when the world was new and bright and fun.

Each child in your family should have a copy of these journals and should be encouraged to begin early life habits of daily discipline and using their imaginations to explore their new world.

Click on the covers above or the links below to be taken directly to Amazon’s Create Space Store to order copies of these journals for your children. They will have fun participating with these journals and you may just get a few minutes of peace and quiet. Have some fun family, you and they deserve it.

“National Park Journal for Children”

“Cruise Journal for Children”

“Travel Journal for Children”

Thank you and bye for now.

Frederick Fichman

www.journalscentral.com & www.frederickfichman.com




“My RV Travel Journal Just Published” – 7/27/16

My RV Travel Journal Cover copy

When we had our 30 Coachman Concorde class “C” RV during our time in Texas, we had the time of our lives. We visited many states and saw a number of National Parks taking in the sights and sounds of our exploration. There is only one regret, however…we did not keep a journal. I did not write down what we saw, what we experienced and how we felt at seeing such beauty and splendor. I am positive that had I done so I would have turned those journal entries into a book or two, or three, or more.

I started a new publishing company dedicated to directly fix that problem. The company is called Journals Central and you can find it online at www.journalscentral.com. I have over 45 journals ready for purchase. These are print books available from Amazon CreateSpace subsidiary. Just go to my www.journalscentral.com website and click on the book cover you wish to purchase. These books are inexpensive and you will thank yourself years from now for taking the time to memorialize and make diary entries in your journal for all the experiences you had during a wonderful trip, excursion or expedition.

When the initial JournalsCentral book catalog is complete at the end of this year there will be over 100 journals to choose from. I am also encouraging all of you to write me at fred@frederickfichman.com to let me know what journals you would like to see added to our catalog.

“My RV Travel Journal has just been published today as I write this blog. You can visit the Amazon page directly by clicking on this link:  https://www.createspace.com/6453093 or clicking on the book cover above or below. Check it out. Thanks.

My RV Travel Journal Cover copy

Frederick Fichman


BOOK PROMOTION, Saturday July 16th – Saturday July 23rd-NOW LIVE


VTZ Novel Blue Fred SLIM Renna 700x1000

I am running a 7-day book price promotion for my latest fantasy novel, “Noah’s Adventure.” The dates: Saturday, July 16th through Saturday, July 23rd. This entertaining and emotional quick-read book will be priced at $.99, normally $2.99 on Amazon Kindle. That is a 67% savings.

“Noah’s Adventure” was released at the beginning of this year and has received some excellent reviews. I received one response from a reader who said the ending moved her to tears. The story is powerful and personal for me as its author. After reading the book I encourage you to return to the sales page on Amazon and review what you have just read. It would mean a great deal to me hear what you think about my latest work.

Just click on the book cover above or on the following link, http://amzn.to/29zpgec, to be taken to the Amazon Kindle Sales page to pick up your copy of  “Noah’s Adventure” at this highly discounted price. Remember the price promotion starts this coming Saturday, July 16th and runs for 7 days until Saturday, July 23rd.

Here is the description of my book as posted on Amazon Kindle:

“A 12 year old boy, Noah, goes to the zoo with his mother and father and is swept away alone on a seven continent fantasy adventure. He sees dozens of animals and learns about them in their true habitat. His guide and personal docent, Manny Meercat, teaches Noah about the animals’ lives. Manny Meercat also teaches Noah about the possibilities in life and how to grieve for his brother’s recent death. Noah’s journey is a memorial to his brother Jeremy who shared his love of exploration and adventure.

The story and content in “Noah’s Adventure” contains threads from the author’s own life and history. It is an emotional personal account in many ways for the author and it is in the same book genre as Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s “The Little Prince” or Astrid Lindgren’s “The Brothers Lionheart.” This mid-grade children’s book will attract readers from age 10 to adult. “Noah’s Adventure” is an escape into a world of fantasy that is exciting and at the same time filled with emotion that will touch your soul.”

Frederick Fichman




11 New National Park Journals Just Published

Just Released on YouTube: National Park Journals-Book Trailer. Go To: https://youtu.be/sD5IesJJ_nA

National Park Journal Cover copy

I am very excited to announce the release of 11 new U.S. National Park journals that can be found on my website, www.journalscentral.com. I have posted below a Press Release that will be distributed today. I have designed and written these diary journals in commemoration of the National Park Service Centennial, 1916-2016, which is in full swing this year.


National Park Journals Released and Published on Amazon Create Space

 Glacier NP-Cover copy Acadia NP-Cover copy

July 4, 2016

To Commemorate the Centennial of the National Park Service, 1916-2016, JournalsCentral.com and author Frederick Fichman announces the release of 11 new National Park Journals. These just published journals can be found on the website www.journalscentral.com. All of the book covers for these journals contain hyperlinks which will immediately take the reader to the Amazon subsidiary CreateSpace.


These journals will allow travelers to document their visit in a day to day diary. Visitors can memorialize what they have seen and what they experience on their trips to the crown jewels of the National Park Service. At the front of each National Park journal author Fichman has included a complete list of Travel Items every visitor should have with them. Also included is a brief history of the National Park service and a dedicated description of one of the top 10 most-visited National Parks in the park system. Each journal is 60 pages long with space at the rear of the National Park journal to include photographs. Each day’s entry page includes space for a description of events, companions, personal thoughts and a singular event that caught the travelers’ attention.

There are now almost 50 journals listed on the newly created journalscentral website and the number of journals offered will continue to grow this year. Mr. Fichman is the author of over 80 fiction and non-fiction books on Amazon Kindle and 62 books on Amazon’s print division, CreateSpace.

To see a list of Author Frederick Fichman’s books go to his website at www.frederickfichman.com or his journal website at http://www.journalscentral.com to see all 11 of the National Park journal covers.

Frederick Fichman



Two Travel Journals Just Published

Cruise Journal AbsoluteRenna copy 

Travel Journal Cover copy

I have just written and published two new journals available on Create Space. Here are the urls:     “My Travel Journal” www.createspace.com/6357117 & “My Cruise Journal” www.createspace.com/6357743.

Mark Twain said it best: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Photographs can certainly capture a split second moment. But it is your own words that can describe what you saw, what you felt, and what you want to remember. These two journals will allow you describe those wonderful days while you travel and as you write in your day-to-day diary. Many years from now when you read those words it will be like reliving those magic moments again and again.

These journals are very inexpensive but the memories are priceless. They contain a helpful and useful list of essential travel items that you should consider taking with you on your travels.

Summer travel is just starting, have a great time in your journeys. And have so much fun till you can’t stand it anymore. Your deserve it.

Frederick Fichman



“My Home Inventory Journal”…you absolutely positively need this journal

JUST ADDED: YouTube Book Trailer for all 32 My Recipe Journals:



Home Inventory Journal COVER copy

Every Homeowner, Every Renter should have a copy of “My Home Inventory Journal”

I’ve just published a new journal that you should definitely consider purchasing. Under great and crushing pressure you will definitely need an inventory of your household and personal possessions. That is the first question any insurance company will ask you if you submit a claim for damage or loss. I have designed and constructed a thorough and easy to follow and use journal to do just that, “My Home Inventory Journal”

This is what is written on Amazon for the description of this book:

“My Home Inventory Journal.” YOU NEED THIS JOURNAL. YOU MUST HAVE THIS JOURNAL. Think of it this way: You will suffer inventory losses if these tragedies struck you, your family, or your home:







When you make a claim with your insurance company the first question they will ask you in such unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances: “Do you have an inventory detailing the items lost and what is the value of those items.” “My Home Inventory Journal” makes it quick and easy to document your valuables and possessions. When you are not under pressure and when you have the time to fill out “My Home Inventory Journal” you won’t have to worry about forgetting some valuable item after it has been stolen or destroyed. Your goal in such a tragedy is to make yourself whole once again and detailing your possessions is an essential tool to do just that.

You should keep one in your home and a duplicate off-premise in a safe and secure location. “My Home Inventory Journal” is dedicated…”To all those who realize it is better to be safe than sorry.” Be one of those people who understand the importance of keeping a list of your home inventory items.

I do hope you consider purchasing one or two of these very inexpensive journals that could save you time, trouble, and money. Go to: https://www.createspace.com/6293349 to purchase your copy of “My Home Inventory Journal”

Frederick Fichman




Journals, Documenting Our Lives (updated 5-9-16)

My Recipe Journal 1 Cover copy

UPDATE  5-16, New Journal Just Added:

My Dog's Recipe Journal Golden SMALL


Here’s the text from a press released I just distributed:

JUST PUBLISHED. Author Frederick Fichman announced today that his initial release of 30 Recipe Journals has been published by Amazon’s print division Create Space. Mr. Fichman will be designing and publishing an additional 70 journals on Create Space in the coming weeks. Create Space is the print-on-demand division from Amazon.com.

The first journals available allows for any home chef to secure and catalog their own recipes in a simple and easy to use format. At the front of each genre of journal an invaluable Measurement Guide is included. Each of the 30 different cooking categories includes a beautiful cover making each journal quickly identifiable. Every journal entry page is designed so that each recipe description and ingredient list is easily documented. Adequate entry space is provided so that each recipe can be included on one full journal page.

Future journals will include categories such as Travel, Personal Development, Hobbies and Notetaking and Idea journals. The entire line of 100 different journals will be available by the end of May 2016. Additional categories and types of journals will expand the entire library from development by Author Fichman and from customer suggestions.

Links to Create Space and descriptions of the Recipe Journal series can be found at the journal website, http://www.journalscentral.com

So, there you have it. I am offering a new line of non-fiction books, beginning volumes available now. I will be rolling out new journals in the coming weeks and will be posting information about those new categories right here on this blog.

Below are a few examples of the initial journals being offered at http://www.journalscentral.com

Dinner Journal Cover copyChicken Journal Cover RENNA cocktail-594173 copy Salad Journal Cover copy smoothie-833470 copySandwicSub Journal Cover copy


bye for now…Frederick Fichman



JUST ADDED to the www.journalscentral.com Website

Every week a new recipe will be added to the www.journalscentral.com website featuring all of my journals. Be sure to click on the Recipe of the Week tab. I am posting these weekly fantastic recipes that can be an addition to your own recipes in my Food and Cooking category of journals. Every Monday morning a new recipe will be posted. When 12 weeks of individual recipes have been posted I will collect all of those recipes into one book and will make these quarterly recipe books available on Amazon Kindle. Be sure to check www.journalscentral.com every Monday for your new recipe.

Our first recipe is for Sour Cream Chocolate Cake. OMG, this cake will melt in your mouth with a flood of chocolate goodness. Check it out, www.journalscentral.com.


Beautiful Grand Canyon Postage Stamp


The United States National Park Service is celebrating its 100th birthday on August 25th of this year. It has been almost one hundred years since an act of Congress was placed in law to protect our national physical crown jewels. The congressional act, enacted on August 25, 1917 as the National Park Service Organic Act,  was quickly signed by President Woodrow Wilson. The first director of the new U.S. government department was Stephen Mather. He served as the NPS first director from May 1917 to January 1929. Mather Point with its spectacular views of the Grand Canyon is near the Grand Canyon Visitors Center. That Viewpoint of the Grand Canyon was named after the first Director of the National Park Service.

In honor of the NPS birthday the United States Postal Service is issuing 16 new beautiful, and I mean gorgeous, stamps in honor of this celebration. Above you will see one of the new first-class Forever stamps. The painting used for this stamp was accomplished by the famous U.S. artist Thomas Moran and was painted in 1912. The view of the Grand Canyon is from Hermit Road on the South Rim.

On Hermit Road there are 10 Viewpoints where you can see this same view. I have just completed an update to my “Grand Canyon Guide” that includes each one of those Viewpoints with descriptions and images from the various locations that this new stamp depicts. To be linked to my “Grand Canyon Guide” click on the book cover below and you will be taken directly to my Amazon Kindle sales page. This guide was just updated last month, March 2016.

The United States Postal Service will be releasing and making available all 16 of the new National Park stamps in June of this year. These 16 stamps are excellent representations of all 59 national parks and 411 official units in the National Park Service system.

For more information and images of these soon-to-be-released stamps you can go to these twitter sites: #NPS100 and #NPSStamps.

For more information on my 30 book collection available at Amazon you can go to my website at:  http://www.frederickfichman.com.

Frederick Fichman

GC BookCover Update 10-27-14 copy

Bundling Non-Fiction with Fiction

Zoo Cover Slim Collage w-Noah 3-29-16 copy

Just Published on Amazon Kindle, “Visit the Zoo, Anthology, ” 12 books, over 120 animals described and hundreds of pictures with the companion Fantasy-Fiction novel, “Noah’s Adventure.”

The print equivalent of these two books together is 507 pages so you there is enough content to keep young and old alike busy for quite sometime. The wide array of animals featured in the “Visit the Zoo” anthology and the large number of wildlife described makes this anthology of all 12 “Visit the Zoo” books comprehensive and complete. It is like having your own personal docent with you on your next visit to your local zoo. Even if you are just an armchair visitor you will be fascinated by the facts , descriptions, and close-up photographs of these animals.

And on top of that, you will be able to read the newly released “Visit the Zoo” inspired fantasy-fiction novel, “Noah’s Adventure.” This novel, written for all ages, takes you on an expedition to all seven continents with encounters of the animal kingdom. And in this adventure the animals speak to the main character and to you the reader. If you love the famous novel “The Little Prince” you will love this book. And if you love nature and all of it’s beauty and complexity you will want to get your own copy of both books now in one volume.

For direct access to this combined book go to: http://amzn.to/1VWKCly or click on the book cover image above.

Frederick Fichman

p.s. Do you want to know what animals are included in the “Visit the Zoo” Anthology? Well, here’s the complete list:

  1. Abyssinian Ground Hornbill
  2. Adax Antelope  
  3. African Crested Porcupine  
  4. African Serval
  5. Allen’s Swamp Monkey
  6. American Alligator
  7. American Kestrel
  8. Andean Bear  
  9. Anteater
  10. Arabian Oryx  
  11. Arrowana
  12. Australian Black Swan  
  13. Bactrian Camel
  14. Badger
  15. Black Bear
  16. Black Leopard  
  17. Black-Tailed Prairie Dog  
  18. Blue and Gold Macaw
  19. Bonobo
  20. Bontebok
  21. Burro
  22. California Condor
  23. Camel
  24. Cantil
  25. Capybara
  26. Cheetah
  27. Chinchilla
  28. Cliff Chipmunk  
  29. Colorado River Toad  
  30. Cotton-Top Tamarin
  31. Cougar
  32. Dalmatian Pelican  
  33. Defassa Waterbuck  
  34. Desert Bighorn Ewe
  35. Desert Bighorn Ram
  36. East African Crowned Crane  
  37. Eastern Giant Eland
  38. Elephant
  39. Emu
  40. European White Stork
  41. Fennec Fox
  42. Flamingo
  43. Forest Buffalo
  44. Freshwater Ray
  45. Giant Hairy Scorpion
  46. Giant Panda
  47. Giraffe
  48. Golden Eagle  
  49. Goliath Bird-Eating Spider  
  50. Great Blue Heron
  51. Great Egret
  52. Great White Pelican
  53. Green Moray Eel  
  54. Green Tree Python
  55. Grevy’s Zebra
  56. Grey Kangaroo  
  57. Guanaco
  58. Hamadryas Baboon
  59. Harris Antelope Squirrel
  60. Impala
  61. Indian Peafowl
  62. Javalina
  63. Kirk’s Dik Dik
  64. Klipspringer
  65. Komodo Dragon
  66. Lesser Kudu
  67. Linnaeus Sloth
  68. Lion  
  69. Lion-Tailed Macaque
  70. Lowland Anoa
  71. Macaw
  72. Madagascar Hissing Cockroach  
  73. Malayan Tiger
  74. Maned Wolf  
  75. Mexican Wolf
  76. Monarch Butterfly
  77. Neotropical Rattlesnake
  78. Nile Crocodile
  79. Nile Monitor
  80. Okapi
  81. Orangutan
  82. Ornate Monitor
  83. Pancake Tortoise  
  84. Patas Monkey  
  85. Polar Bear
  86. Prevost’s Squirrel
  87. Pronghorn
  88. Pygmy Hippopotamus
  89. Red Kangaroo
  90. Red Neck Ostrich  
  91. Red River Hog
  92. Red Ruffed Lemur  
  93. Red-Handed Tamarin  
  94. Red-Handed Tamarin  
  95. Rhinoceros 
  96. Ringtail Lemur  
  97. Scimitar Oryx  
  98. Secretary Bird
  99. Siberian Reindeer
  100. Slender-Tailed Meerkat
  101. Soemmerring’s Gazelle
  102. Southern Gerenuk
  103. Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat
  104. Spider Monkey  
  105. Spotted Hyena  
  106. Takin
  107. Terciopelo
  108. Thomson’s Gazelle  
  109. Tiger Rat Snake  
  110. Toad
  111. Visayan Warty Pig  
  112. Wallaby
  113. Water Monitor  
  114. Western Lowland Gorilla
  115. White Alligator  
  116. White Spotted Puffer  
  117. White Tiger  
  118. White’s Tree Frog
  119. White-Tailed Deer
  120. Yellow-backed Duiker
  121. Zebra

12-Book “Visit the Zoo” Series Now In Print

Create Collage 3rd 4 copyCreate Collage 1st 4 copyCreate Collage 2nd 4 copy

My entire 12-Book “Visit the Zoo” series has just been released in PRINT for purchase on Amazon Create Space. Over 120 animals with descriptions and photographs are included in this comprehensive series of books. If you want to carry your own personal docent in your smartphone or tablet on the next visit to your local zoo then you need these books. Or, if  you want to enjoy this huge collection of animal thumbnail sketches from the comfort of your armchair at home or wherever you travel then you definitely want these books. These books are written for children or adults who love animals, wildlife, or nature.

Just click on the link below or any of the picture blocks above to  see the entire library:


NEW Website/Landing Page Just Activated: http://www.zooanimals.info

Frederick Fichman