Monthly Archives: August 2013


Hallelujah and Finally. It took some time but 8 of my books have been uploaded and are now available for purchase and download from the Apple iBook store. With the iBooks App you can download these books onto your Apple computer, iPhone or iPad. The books I have uploaded, SO FAR, include the following titles:

“SETI, The Journey”
“Butcher Boat”
“Road Kill”
“Texas-Southeast Coast”
“Texas-Hill Country”
“Nevada-California Border”
“Colorado-Garden of the Gods”

In the coming weeks I plan to upload “Grand Canyon-Guide to the South Rim Trail.” That book will include video segments.

And after that, the complete 12-volume set, “Visit the Zoo” will be uploaded to Apple iBooks. That set will include numerous video and audio insertions as well.

And after that, “SETI, Conception” book three in the SETI Trilogy.

And after that, “The Feather”, a Lewis and Clark Expedition fantasy novel.

And after that, “MEGAPTERA”, sentient whales on a planet surrounding the nearby star system, Alpha Centauri…only 4.5 light years from Earth.

And after that, more and more and more.

Wow, do I have a full plate or what? But, I have to work hard for you my readers. You demand it of me and I demand it of myself. I want to keep feeding you compelling stories. It’s just what I want to do as an author.

So, in the coming months more from author, Frederick Fichman, that’s me. Stay tuned to this channel as they used to say in the old and beginning days on TV.

Frederick Fichman