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Picture above is a photo of my cable modem. Download speed of approximately 20 Mbps, depending on usage. This modem connects me to the Internet. The Internet Is The Greatest Marketing Tool Invented By Mankind. It far surpasses print, television, radio, motion pictures, and all other media delivery systems in its ability to reach billions of people at once across the globe. Harnessed properly and consistently it can far outsell  any product or service compared to all other advertising and marketing tools.

And why I am so amped up about this subject to take it up on my blog? I will tell you why. I just finished watching the movie about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, “Social Network.” The movie was released almost 3 years ago. On the end credits a slide was projected that as of the release of the film Facebook has over 500 million users. As of this blog post there are now over 1.15 billion users, more than double the number of 3 years ago.

It is that type of reach that makes Facebook, YouTube and Google and other sites absolute necessities in marketing your product, service, or brand. And it makes no difference what it is you do or want to say to the world. You must get on the internet to become successful.

I first saw the internet on Netscape in 1994 when I worked at a radio station on the campus of California State University, Northridge…only days before the massive Northridge Earthquake in 1994 that flattened the building I was working in at the time. If the EQ were 24 hours and a few later I wouldn’t be writing this blog, I would have been crushed and under tons of rubble. But I wasn’t so here I am. I could see within a few minutes of seeing the internet at that time that I was witnessing an invention was as important as the Guttenberg Bible.

What I am saying to you is that if you want to succeed in whatever endeavor you pursue, whether personally or professionally, you must use the internet. I know this not new news, but so many people do not use the internet or understand the internet and or how it can change lives.

There is currently a move afoot by some countries to build their own internet backbone and eschew what they perceive as a U.S. dominated internet system. But any fool will see that the internet as now constructed has no country of origin. It is global. Internet server barns scatter the globe. And those countries who disconnect from this international backbone will surely fail. If you do not use the internet to promote your product or service you will surely fail.

I know you already know this, that is why you are on the internet now and why you are reading a blog, my blog, on the internet…it’s because you know. I just hope you teach yourself how to navigate around the internet and reach into that toolbox to pull out the great resources available. This is all more important to you than just consuming email, downloading video, ordering gadgets and widgets and listening to music. It’s about you creating for yourself a future of fun and profit.

The old saying…”…every journey begins with the first step…” I urge you to take that first step. Good luck and never give up.


The Voyager 1 spacecraft was launched September 5, 1977. It has now travelled more than 11 billion miles from Planet Earth moving at a distance of 1 million miles per day at 38,000mph. NASA officially announced yesterday that it has now crossed from the Heliosphere and influence of our Sun into Interstellar Space. It is further out from the surface of our planet than any other man made object. With its nuclear power plant and heaters it is expected to be able to transmit plasma data for another 13 years and work beyond that transmitting engineering data back to earth for another 10 years. The transmitter power is about 22 watts or just about as powerful as your refrigerator light bulb.

As someone who authors science fiction books this is truly an amazing human accomplishment. For over 40 years NASA JPL in Pasadena have run the Voyager program. With Voyager 2 heading out in a separate direction this is truly a momentous feat of  Earth engineering.

I know that everyday life really has no room for comprehension of what has been done here. But I hope you’ve taken the time to read this blog and have thought about what is possible for humans like you to create such a machine as Voyager 1. Congrats to the NASA team. I have a feeling that in the coming years there will be even more fascinating news to report.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this momentous occaision. Please also check out my two science fiction novels as well, “SETI” and “SETI, The Journey” with book three in the SETI trilogy “SETI, Conception” now in-work. Go to for more information.