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“The SETI Trilogy” First Chapters Read by Author Frederick Fichman Uploaded to YouTube

I have just uploaded to YouTube the Introduction and Chapter One for each book in “The SETI Trilogy” as read by the author, that’s me. I am doing this as a test to see if you think I should proceed by placing all three individual books and the 3-book one volume anthology, “The SETI Trilogy” into the library. For the market that likes to listen to books I would like to make my books available.
I have also recorded and uploaded to YouTube a reading of my books to help get anyone interested enough to buy my SETI books from Kindle motivated to purchase.
Below you will see the YouTube links which should take you directly to my YouTube Channel and the book(s) you wish to listen to and enjoy. Please comment on this blog or use my Contact Form on my website at and tell me what you think. If you do purchase any or all of my books please comment and review directly on the Amazon Kindle sales page for the book of your choice.
Thank you again for your support.

I Was Thinking…

I was just sitting around one bright sunny afternoon this week thinking about things. I was thinking about life.

Let’s see, I am 15 weeks old and maybe that is too deep a subject. But I can’t just run around like a wild woman all day, snarf up my food (which I have been doing lately like haven’t eaten in a week,) or begging for attention from Mommy and Daddy…which I always get. I love them. Sometimes a young lady like me has to think about life. And that is what I was doing in this picture you see of me, above. I asked Daddy what life was all about, why are we here, and what will I be when I grow up? I mean, I put the thought in his head. I really can’t talk. I’m a dog and dogs don’t talk. Not yet at least. But I can think and somehow my people know what I am thinking.

Anyway, Daddy said that life is what we make it. Sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are sad. But every day is a new day and I am going to make the best out of this one today. I’m gonna run around the house and the big field, my backyard, and chase after my yellow ball. I am going to chew everything in sight. I am going to stand still and be a good girl when Mommy brushes me. And when it’s time to sleep, which is off and on all day, I am going to sleep really well.

And when I wake up I am going to run over to my Mommy and kiss her and then run over to my Daddy and kiss him. Cause while I was asleep, I really missed them.

Okay, back to chewing, chasing, peeing, pooping, eating, drinking…and loving. See you later.

“Visit the Zoo” 12-Book Anthology JUST RELEASED

I just published this yesterday solely on Amazon Kindle. It’s available for purchase or you can get it from the Kindle Lending Library. Here is the Book Description listing on
Now all 12 of the “Visit the Zoo” book series have been combined into this one convenient volume. Over 120 animals have been presented in word and picture. It is like having your own personal docent for your next trip to the zoo with information and identifying photographs in the palm of your hand on your smartphone or tablet. Buying all 12 books in one volume will save 50% off the cover price purchasing the “Visit the Zoo” books individually. This invaluable collection of zoo animals makes the information, background, lives and habits of these fascinating creatures readily accessible. Nature and wildlife have been combined in this book series and now brought together in this one anthology.
These books have been endorsed by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums in Geneva, Switzerland. 

This book, if printed, would be about 400 pages in length. So, it is fat with information, photos and data. And for $5.99…such a deal!! Thanks for checking it out.

Fred F

Sky Journal, 5-17-2014 “What’s A Mop”

So, Mommy and Daddy, better known as Fred and Vicki, took me back to my favorite store, Petsmart. I love to go on outings. And we are buying my favorite food, treats. And the lady at the desk with this machine and there is a big lighted sign that says, “1” that Mommy calls the Cashier, the lady said to me…”Oh, look how cute…you could turn her over and use her as a mop.”
The woman laughed. I didn’t laugh. Mommy didn’t laugh. Daddy didn’t laugh. Daddy gave her what he told me later was a “dirty look” and when we got in the car he called her a not-so-nice name. The first word started with an “F” and the last word sounded like itch. Anyway, I don’t know if I like Petsmart anymore…except for all the treats and looking at the parakeet cage.
Okay, here is picture number two for this journal entry. I am going to warn you now, it is very, very scary:
Yeah, it’s what you think it is, a needle. A shot. I went back to the doctor again for another shot. That big ugly bear-man stuck me right in the side with it while the nurse pinned me down cooing in my ear trying to calm me down. Let me ask you a question. Look at that scary looking thing. Would you be calm if you saw that torture weapon coming at you? I think not. I heard the humans talking and they said I have to do this shot-thingie one more time and that’s it, thank goodness. But listen to this, in about four months I have to go back and get, “fixed.” What’s fixed? I will let you know what that is all about when it happens. I think I heard I will be asleep when it happens. Well, I sleep in my bed in my home, no fixing please. I’ll pass on that.
Till next time,


“Visit the Zoo” and “Grand Canyon”

I have two announcements regarding my book “Grand Canyon” and the 12-book series, “Visit the Zoo.”

First of all, “Grand Canyon.” I have just updated information and added several new photographs in this very helpful guide to the Grand Canyon. The updated version is available on both Kindle and the Apple iBookstore. I have also just completed a new video on the Grand Canyon that is available on YouTube in HD. Here is the link:

The Apple version should be up in the bookstore shortly. It is currently in review but within a day or two of this blog post I suspect it will be up and ready for purchase.

The complete 12-book “Visit the Zoo” series is now up and ready for purchase in the Apple Bookstore. These books were just posted up several days ago so this is a new venture for me placing this series in the Apple Bookstore.

What’s next, “The Petrified Forest and Painted Desert.” I am working on the book and the video and both should be ready to go in a few days. I’ll let you know when available.

Finally, it’s the weekend folks…so try to get outside and enjoy this fantastic Spring weather, that is if you don’t live in a part of the country where there are severe weather and tornado alerts. I am originally from Kansas so I get it. As a matter of fact, I wrote a novel about tornadoes, brilliantly titled “Tornado.” I wrote the novel on a typewriter. Maybe I will try to find it one day and find a way to scan it and turn it into a Word document. Any suggestions on how to do that or what program or application to use? Lemme know.

Thank you again for following this blog and following on all social media I update.


Sky Journal 5-5-2014 “No Way, Jose”

Another busy week full of adventure, discovery, and some disappointment. Here is a picture of something I am sure we all know. My Daddy took this picture of the kitchen floor. I just can’t quite understand the theory of pooping outside in the big field called the backyard versus doing it in the house. In the house it’s warmer and more private. What’s the big deal about pooping in the backyard? Mommy is sure working hard on trying to convince me of the concept. I am kinda getting it, but I do have “indiscretions” as she calls it. Maybe on the next update all will be solved with this controversy.

Here is a picture of a creature that I saw in the backyard on Sunday.
(Click on this link to see video of the ferocious attack by me)
I immediately attacked it and subdued this monster. But then, I heard an even bigger monster making noise and threats. Click on the link to the movie my daddy took of me as I brought this menace into submission. I like to use big words as my vocabulary grows. It makes you more impressed with me, I know.

Finally…Duckie. He’s my new favorite friend. He is soft and cuddly and doesn’t tell me all the time to pee and poop outdoors. He just lays there. I bite him every once in a while but most of the time I sleep with him.

Oh yeah one more thing, look at this, what a joke:

Dear Fred & Vicki,

You have an upcoming appointment with High Country Pet Clinic. Please take a minute to review the details of the appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: If your pet is scheduled for a visit requiring an early drop-off, please bring him/her in at the drop-off time instead of the time listed here (time listed is for internal scheduling purposes). If you aren’t sure if your pet needs to be dropped off early, please give us a call.

Appointment Details
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
10:00 AM


If you are unable to make this appointment, it is important that you call us at (928) 772-9292 as soon as possible so we can make other arrangements.

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.


High Country Pet Clinic
(928) 772-9292


If my Mommy and Daddy think for one moment that I am going to the High Country Pet Clinic again well they are kidding themselves. No Way, Joseam I going to jump into the car for this nonsense.  It’s not going to happen.

I’ll check in with you next week.