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Sky’s Journal-7/5/14–Bugs and Tiny Dinosaurs

Lizard v. Sky Bug v. Sky

Since it is summer now all of the creatures of the world seem to be waking up and crossing my path. I just began to notice them several weeks ago. I guess because I am older now I am more aware of the world around me.

But so far and without a doubt my two favorite creatures are these hoppy-thingies Daddy calls crickets. It’s like they appeared out of nowhere and all of a sudden. And no matter how much Daddy uses this strong smelling liquid to get rid of them, they keep coming back. I especially see them around the edge of the house. They try to hide from me, but I am to quick. I can pick ’em out easy.

And they are distracting. Just when I am about to squat and do my business, there they are. Naturally I have to stop what I am doing and give them a chase. And I have to admit something, but don’t tell Mommy or Daddy. When I catch them I like to flip them up in the air and watch them limp along on the ground after they land. And just when they think they are getting away from me I snatch them up with my tongue and eat them. Yummy. Daddy thinks its funny, he call them good protein. But Mommy yells at me…”Drop it…Drop it Sky, Drop it.” Sorry, no can do.

And then occasionally I run onto a tiny dinosaur. I think I heard someone say they are lizards. Nope, they are tiny dinosaurs. Now they don’t hop like the bugs I chase but can they run really fast. I don’t think if I do catch them I will eat them. They smell kinda funny and one time a pretty big tiny dinosaur stopped dead in his tracks while I was chasing him and he hissed at me. Scared me silly. I stopped in my tracks trying to figure out what was going on.

There is one more thing I think want to mention in this journal post. It is a moment that happened this evening. Daddy took me out front and we sat in a chair. It was just before sundown and there was a dark line of puffy things in the sky. But they were lighting up real bright and then there was this really loud noise. It got closer and closer. It was the first time I saw such a scary thing. Daddy told me that it was a summer monsoon thunderstorm coming our way.

Well, the closer it got the louder and more flashy it got. I snuggled next to Daddy and I started to shake just a little bit, I have to admit.

And it made me start to thinking. There is so much going on in the world and I am so small. I mean, where do I fit in with the whole picture. I guess I play my part and have to trust in the humans who love me most, my Mommy and Daddy. They sometimes leave me but they always come back. They go out hunting and come back with these noisy bags and food falls out. Cool, hunh? They are good hunters.

And ya know,  I think I can count on that they will always be there for me. They feed me, play with me, keep me looking pretty, and are gentle and quiet with me just before I go to sleep at night. But what is most important is that those who love me are there for me, always. I guess I am lucky that way.

No matter how bad the storm, how flashy the bright light and loud the noise, I am blessed to have them take care of me. I think I will give them lots of love back. A whole bunch of kisses, hopefully on the mouth and in the ears. They like that I think.



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