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Amazon Kindle Price Promotion for “Sky’s Journal” Begins Friday, 8/29/14

Sky Journal Cover v.2 copy

“Sky’s Journal, The Life and Adventures of an Arizona MiniPoodle”

Amazon Kindle Price Promotion

Friday, August 29, 2014, starts at 8:00am PST

Friday, September 5, 2014, ends at 12:00am PST

Price will drop to 99 cents, regularly $2.99


YouTube Book Trailer:

Sky Journal YouTube Video, 4-2014

First of All…Thank You!!


I can’t say this enough but I do want to once again thank you for reading and participating in my blog. Because, let’s face it, being a writer can be a pretty lonely and solitary endeavor. I’ve been working on a new book, a fiction fantasy about the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804 and I was up until 1:30am last night pounding away on the keyboard and doing research. I’ve come up with a few gems that will turn up in that novel and I was pretty pleased with myself. I wanted to turn to someone and say, “Pretty good, eh?” But around where we live in northern Arizona, not many people up at 1:30am in the morning….although there was a skunk nearby. That I am sure of. All of you will eventually be able to see my work in “The Feather.”  I know that some of you will eventually give me that feedback. And whether it is here on my blog or through your comments on Amazon or elsewhere, it is truly appreciated.

Anyway, I thought I would give you a little present to say thank you. In the last couple of days I have been getting some great reviews for my two anthology books on Amazon Kindle, my non-fiction “Visit the Zoo 12-Book Anthology-Your Guide to the Zoo Over 120 Animals Featured” and my science fiction anthology, “The SETI Trilogy.”

And I want to give a taste of both, first allow me to cut and paste part of a chapter from each book. First, how about a glimpse of “Visit the Zoo”



Black Leopard
Black Leopard

Can you imagine coming face to face with this large cat? And the Black Leopard (Panthera Pardus) is a large cat. They normally weigh between 124-221 pounds. But one big dude that biologists discovered came in at 350 pounds. They have shorter legs than other large cats and they stand 30 inches at the shoulder. They are between 4-6 feet long. But their biting strength is twice that of the larger Lion. They have the second strongest bite strength of all mammals except for the hyena. And they are good climbers, crawlers and swimmers.

They are spread out in Africa, Asia and North America. They are called by different names in different countries, sometimes Leopard, sometimes Jaguar and sometimes Cougar. The black color is another quirk of nature and a gene mix up, but they are basically all the same animal.

They are solitary and they hunt by stalk-and-ambush rather than chase. These Leopards like to drop out of trees to pounce on prey. And their prey…they eat just about anything with a heartbeat. Their dinner menu consists of about 87 different species, so they aren’t picky eaters. In zoos they will eat about 4 to 5 pounds of meat per day.

Sadly, however, their numbers are declining. They are classified as Near Threatened. Like so many other threatened species, their habitat decreases year by year. At least this fellow, in the zoo now, is protected and will be cared for by careful zoo keepers.

Now let’s walk across the path and look at this odd looking animal. When you first see him, he doesn’t look real, but he is.


Okay, that’s a look at the “Visit the Zoo” anthology. Can you imagine taking a Sunday stroll through your nearby forest and having a 350 pound Leopard dropping on your head from a tree above? Uh, no!  Next please.

Okay, here is a look at the Prologue from Book III of “The SETI Trilogy.” Remember all three of my SETI books are now combined into one volume, “The SETI Trilogy.” That’s about 800 pages and 220,000 words, so it will keep you busy for awhile and will take your imagination away to distant planets with a surprising ending.



Some individuals find it hard to make decisions. Leading a life of indecision freezes potential. It doesn’t allow the spirit to grow or explore. Should I take that backpacking trip? Should I take this class or that? I know he, or she, is perfect, but do I love her or him? Should I take this job? Should I buy that car? Hot Fudge Sundae or Banana Split? Frozen with doubt or fear.

Other individuals haphazardly make thin decisions without forethought, research or consideration.  That is how mistakes are made. Some of those individuals make a lifetime of hasty decisions and they reap the devastating consequences. “I’ll go with my golden gut” is mighty risky, could be rewarding, rarely. But important life decisions without consideration often times leads to disaster.

On a planet circling the Tau Ceti star some 11.8 light years from planet Earth, a final decision had been made.  It would change all human future history on Earth, from that moment forward. It would change all of species future history on the Tau Ceti planet, from that moment forward as well

But this decision from the Tau Ceti planet had been well considered. From distant and from specific close human contact. The Tau Ceti civilization had the technological capacity and energy potential to act on this decision. Like an inverted triangle, the thousands of ramifications through failure analysis had narrowed down to the ultimate conclusion to move forward. And so, they calmly moved forward. And 11.8 light years away, the human race did not know the Tau Ceti civilization was about to change Earth in profound ways. But the humans would find out, soon enough. Life on the Planet Earth would never ever be the same.


I am sorry….but isn’t that cool? You really do want to read more. I just love to write. For me, it’s breathing. And I have so many more stories to roll out for you.

I hope you enjoyed a taste of just two of the 29 books I now have in my sales library on Amazon Kindle. I’ll give you some Amazon links that will take you directly to those two books and others as well. Hope you all have wonderful and productive week. Do good work and enjoy each day ahead. Bye for now.




Is This Possible?

Personal Computer

Here is a bit of interesting data…The University of Southern California School of Business in Los Angeles did a study in 2013 and determined that by 2015 the average household will use some type of digital media device, like a smartphone, computer, TV, iPad, etc, an average of 15.5 hours per day. WOW!! Unbelievable. Think of it this way, most of our waking hours will be spent engaged in some way with some piece of electronic gear. Okay, let’s add 8 hours, if we are all lucky, for sleep. So, 15.5 hours plus 8 hours equals, duh…..oh yeah….23.5 hours per day either sleeping or using some type of digital media device. That leaves 30 minutes, a half-hour to go to the toilet, eat, dress, and interact with other human beings. Is that possible?

I don’t know if I can believe this study from USC. It seems unbelievable. What do you think?


“The Feather”


Cover art for my new upcoming novel

Frederick Fichman Photo copy

Cover art for my upcoming Podcast series

Just a quick update to let you know what I have been doing and what is happening now.

I just finished working on and uploading two new Book Trailer videos to my You Tube account. You can access at

Secondly, I will be uploading soon, free as a gift from me to you, to my email management service at Aweber one my books I sell on Amazon Kindle. When you sign into my Opt-In Email Box, little blue box you’ll see on my website at, you will receive this book for free. The title of this book is, Write & Publish Your Ebook-10 Steps to Success.” This book is a great primer for starting a writing career, publishing your own e-books and starting another income stream that we all desperately need these days. This free book is not available yet, give me a couple of days and you will see it listed in the title of that Opt-In blue box.

Third, I have two audio projects that are beginning, not up yet, but will be soon. First, I will announce shortly a new venture into podcasting. You’ll be able to hear and download these programs from iTunes. Stay tuned as they say in the TV  broadcast business.

I will also be audio recording the entire 12-book series “Visit the Zoo” I have written under my pen name for that series, Tom Smith. Those audiobooks will be available from another subsidiary of Amazon called

Finally, I am fully at work on my next manuscript for my new book, “The Feather.” That book will be a fantasy novel about the Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1804-1806.

I have a lot going on and I do it all for you. I want you to be entertained and informed and have a lot of fun. I can hardly wait to let you all know when all of these new projects will be available to you. The best way to learn about what is happening instantly is to sign up for my email list. Go to my web page, look for the blue box and sign in.

Again, thank you for joining me. Until next time.

Frederick Fichman




I uploaded two new videos to You Tube. Thanks for viewing:

Book Trailer for my new book, “Sky’s Journal”


Book Trailer for all my books now available on Amazon Kindle

Fred F


Complete Book List To Date

Listed below are all of the books that I have written, to date, and have published on Amazon Kindle.  Click on the logo banner just below. It will take you to my complete listing page on Amazon Kindle. So browse a bit and decide what you would like to read. I am hard at work on even more fiction and non-fiction. As they say on television, Stay Tuned for more, just ahead. Thanks. FF


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The SETI Trilogy: The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence

SETI (The SETI Trilogy Book 1)

SETI, The Journey (SETI Trilogy Book 2)

SETI, Conception (SETI Trilogy Book 3)

SETI Paperback

Visit the Zoo 12-Book Anthology: Your Guide To the Zoo Over 120 Animals

Visit the Zoo, vol. I

Visit the Zoo, vol. II

Visit the Zoo, vol. III

Visit the Zoo, vol. IV

Visit the Zoo, vol. V

Visit the Zoo, vol. VI

Visit the Zoo, vol. VII

Visit the Zoo, vol. VIII

Visit the Zoo, vol. IX

Visit the Zoo, vol. X

Visit the Zoo, vol. XI

Visit the Zoo, vol. XII

Sky’s Journal: Life and Adventures dictated Sky, MiniPoodle

Alphabet Animals

Grand Canyon: Your South Rim Trail Guide to Hiking, Dining & Lodging

Colorado: Road Trip to Garden of the Gods

Texas: Road Trip to Southeast Coast

Texas: Road Trip to LBJ National Historical Park & LBJ Wildflower Center

Nevada/California Border: Road Trip to Donner Memorial Park, Road Trip & Virginia City

BUTCHER BOAT (Bartholomew Pigge, Private Investigator Book 1)

ROAD KILL (Bartholomew Pigge, Private Investigator Book 2)

Squirrels, Vicious & Desperate

Write & Publish Your Ebook-10 Steps to Success

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Prescott Film Festival Workshop Presentation by…me!!

Press Film Festival Art (2)

What fun I had last Friday Night. This was the posting on the Prescott Film Festival website and printed material for the Workshop I led several days ago:

Hollywood or Arizona — Writing for Television

Friday, July 25, 5:00 – 6:00 pm
Presenter: Fred Finchman. Veteran TV Scriptwriter

Writing for television in the current fragmented production environment is a challenge; especially if you are a novice, don’t live in Los Angeles, or have no screen credits. But there are steps you can take that will get you started. Whether it is choosing writing and formatting software, hooking up with an agent or using the Writer’s Guild West registration service, there are positive steps toward your goal you can take.

First of all, they misspelled my name…that’s okay. The PFF rep who introduced me on Friday, apologized. I told her no problem.

The event highlights films, of course, speakers, parties, a final dinner with some winners for the festival…and a workshop schedule. About six months ago the local paper here, The Daily Courier, did a story on me and my writing career currently in progress. The Executive Director of the Prescott Film Festival picked up on that story and asked me to lead a workshop on writing for television since my entire career in network broadcasting was in that field of endeavor and for most of that time at ABC-TV in Hollywood.

In a howling and driving thunderstorm last Friday I made my way to Yavapai College here in Prescott, Arizona. You have to realize something, July and August in Arizona is Monsoon Season. That night we had a powerful thunderstorm with raging winds, lightning, thunder and straight-line deluge rain. I thought for sure that no one would want to hear me on a Friday, late afternoon in a driving rainstorm. But they came. About 25 people sat in front of me, wide-eyed and waiting to hear what it takes to write for television. What I did is took them on a journey, with specific helpful steps, on how to write and develop skills for all forms of that craft.

I took my time with preparation. I presented each workshop participant with a handout package filled with information about script structure, formatting, software, WGA registration paperwork…I wanted to touch as many buttons as possible.

I believe all in attendance enjoyed themselves. No one walked out, thankfully, and many people came up to me afterward to grab my business card listing my website address:

It really is exciting to stand in front of an audience, deliver to them information or entertainment or help in a field that you know well. I think I understand why for some, not all, being a teacher can be an thrilling occupation. You are helping someone, and it may be only one person in that audience, get to where they want to go.

I had a great time, a satisfying time and from the comments I heard after my presentation I think I did help someone and point them in the right direction.

Ya see folks, this new digital revolution isn’t just all animation, still or moving images. It is content that is so important. Words. Ideas. Possibilities in text. That is what drives this entire digital machine and the blog you are reading now, the books you read or listen to. And I can only hope that you get something from my fiction and non-fiction books I write, because I write them for you, my audience of readers.

I now have 29 books up on Amazon Kindle. I am also published on BarnesandNoble Nook, KOBO Books and the Apple iBookstore. I hope you will search through my work and pick something out that interests you.

And to the participants who attended my workshop and to the wildly successful Prescott Film Festival, I say thank you. And to you the readers of my blog, thank you as well.


p.s. I recorded my presentation and will be posting it up for you to listen if you wish. I should have my Podcast up and running on iTunes in about a month. I will let you know here on my blog when it is available to you at no cost of course. tnx.