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Exciting and Fun Event Coming to the Topeka Zoo

Topeka Zoo

Hello to all my Blog Followers. I hope this new posting finds you well.

I have just joined in as a sponsor for an exciting event at the Topeka Zoo in Topeka, Kansas coming up in June. On June the 20th and the 21st the zoo will be staging “Camp Out With Dad” to raise proceeds to purchase medical equipment to manage the health of animals in the Topeka Zoo. Families will be able to bring their camping equipment to camp out at the zoo. There will be a series of fun events such as Fishing, Scavenger Hunt, Animal Activities and Tours of the zoo. Hot dogs, smores and snacks will be served and breakfast will be served on the 21st.

Now this sounds like fun. I mean can you imagine sleeping and camping on a warm summer night staring up at the canopy of stars above your head? Occasionally you might hear the nighttime sounds of the animals surrounding you. It’s like going on safari without the expense or long travel. Believe me, if I was in town I would be going, this just sounds great.

But I live about eleven hundred miles away so I can’t but I wanted to participate and sponsor this event in some way. So, I am going to donate 10 copies of my book, “Visit the Zoo 12-Book Anthology: Your Guide To the Zoo, Over 120 Animals Featured.” Other sponsors for this fantastic local event include Papa Murphy’s Pizza, Sears, Walgreens and many other generous local Topeka, Kansas sponsors.

My book has been listed under the sponsor section special event announcement posting on the Topeka Zoo website. To see the site and my sponsorship just click on the Topeka Zoo image at the top of this blog. To visit the sales page for my book on Amazon Kindle just click on the book cover image below.

Summer is coming and zoos around the world like the Topeka Zoo are staging special events like “Camp Out With Dad” to raise funds for the care and comfort of the animals they house. If you know of any events such as this event at the Topeka Zoo please let me know. I would like to support their efforts as well. You can contact me by going to my author website at and navigating to the Contact form on my website.

I am proud to help out the Topeka Zoo. I am also happy to see they are a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. WAZA reviewed and endorsed my book, “Visit the Zoo 12-Book Anthology: Your Guide To the Zoo, Over 120 Animals, Featured” when it was released almost one year ago.

Have a great new week and enjoy the warming spring weather here in the Northern Hemisphere.


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There IS Life on other planets in our Solar System and in the Universe


My keystone science fiction novel, “The SETI Trilogy,” has been living with me for many years. For the years it took me to write the three-book, two hundred twenty thousand word trilogy and the years before, during, and since, I have been thinking about alien life on other planets in our galaxy, The Milky Way, and our universe.

It is going to happen. Sometime in the near or far future we will discover intelligent life living beyond the surface of our planet. The latest estimate of habitable possible planets now stands at one billion just in our galaxy. Those are planets within the “Goldilocks Zone, ”  planets that are not too hot and not too cold in relation to their suns (stars.) And those are planets that may be rocky worlds with large stretches of both fresh and salt water. Of course, the biggest question of all that has to be answered has been and will forever be, has life evolved into intelligent, sentient, and communicative life that we can carry on a conversation. And if so, the further question is, will they befriend us, conquer us or just ignore us thinking we are too primitive to waste their time.

Now in the scheme of everyday life I can understand that these questions can have absolutely no relevance to our jobs, our families, are future plans, or our own personal past histories. But if and when that First Contact with an alien world does occur, I can assure you, it will change everything on this earth. There are those who will be frightened toward immobility. Others will consider how we can take advantage of advanced technology. The Survivalist Movement will focus on defending themselves against alien invasion. And most of the inhabitants of earth will, after the initial excitement of such a discovery or two-way communication, go on with their lives…UNTIL that alien civilization imposes their will, for good or bad, on every part of the planet we all share.

On April 7, 2015 chief NASA scientist Ellen Stofan said in panel discussion exploring these possibilities of extraterrestrial life that with in 10 years from now, we earthlings will have detected or will have found strong indications of life on other planets. Further, in 20-30 years we will have definitive evidence. “We know where to look and how to look,” she stated.

If there is water even on Europa or Titan or other bodies in our solar system then our Milky Way galaxy may be flooded with water throughout its spinning mass of stars and the billions of planets surrounding those stars. If it is or was on Mars, and we know it’s on Earth, then we know that water is everywhere in our galaxy and throughout the billions and billions of galaxies stretching into infinity in the universe.

If those assumptions of omnipresent water are true then intelligent extraterrestrial life, in my humble opinion as a science fiction writer, is an absolute certainty. I thought so when I first started writing my SETI Trilogy and believe it to this day. And in my books, “The SETI Trilogy,” I describe how that extraterrestrial life may discover us rather than we discover them.

All of the above is my literary foreplay to announce that I have decided to carry the narrative forward. I have made an executive and a literary decision to continue the story of “The SETI Trilogy.” I have started work on book number four in my continuing saga. Following books will be shorter than the first three books but will continue at a steady pace.

Now, my request to you is to let me know, my precious readers, if this is what you want, more of my SETI saga. Use the contact email form on my website,, to get in touch with me. Let me know if this is what you want and if you think this is a good idea. I can tell you that from my initial work so far on the storyline that storyline takes off in a completely new direction. Locations and characters on Earth and beyond will be revealed in wild and unpredictable discoveries. I’ve started writing and I can hardly wait to see where it takes me. I hope you will take that ride with me. And in the mean time, please go to Amazon Kindle and pick up your copy of, “The SETI Trilogy.” From that point forward it will all be unexplored territory for both of us.

bye for now

Fred Fichman


Out Front & Along A Country Road

This week, a little change…

Below, links to two YouTube videos I recently uploaded to my Channel. Just a taste of spring and discovery on a country drive.


Daffodils in our garden. Click on image.



Along a northern Arizona country road. Click on image.