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Nibiru Is Coming…Soon


If you cruise the internet, like I do daily, you will tend to notice on You Tube in the What To Watch top section, there has been quite a bit of chatter of some catastrophe coming to us all in September of this year. Most of this is from the “End of Life On Earth As We Know It” crowd. This “End of The World” cabal makes it a point that death and devastation awaits us all in the Fall of this year…maybe sooner, maybe later, but sure enough it’s coming. Run for the hills, take your survival Go-Bag with you, or hide like a rat in the basement of your home. Scary.

Now I like to look at all of that as merely a “divertissement” (spoken with a French accent) and not as really hard scientific data. But there is some possibility, however remote, that the Earth will be struck by an asteroid, comet, or even a small planet, called a planetoid, in the future. That future maybe next week or next year or one hundred million years from now. We just don’t know. And like the “Big One,” the massive California life-changing earthquake that will surely strike southern California, it’s not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

Example, how do you think our Moon was formed? Well, scientists have signed on to the theory that early in the life span of our solar system when the planets began to coalesce material and began to form, while the Earth was still molten, the earth was struck by a large object. A portion of the material from that forming Earth separated from the earth-ball and formed a smaller ball of material, ergo the formation of the Moon. Now I know about this theory, have known about it since I was very young, and have accepted this theory of the Moon’s formation.

So, if it happened once, it could happen again. In other words to form more clarity and certainty, we will be hit by something from space, sometime. With the Earth now cooled, formed, and 7 billion humans living on the thin veneer of the surface, that collision could well be an ELE, Extinction Level Event. That means no life on earth, other than the cockroach and maybe a few amoeba, will survive.

And while writing my 3-book Anthology, “The SETI Trilogy,” I surmised that there absolutely should be some alternative outcome to such a space collision and possible extinction of life on Earth. And I am proud to tell you I have come up with an alternative to such a collision and it’s in the conclusion to the series in Book III, “SETI, Conception.” What I am saying…if we are hit by a wayward asteroid, comet, or even the September 2015 arrival of the dark planet Nibiru, there is hope for us yet.

The moral of the story I am telling here in this weeks’ blog, if you want to know my take and solution to the possibility of a life-ending space debris collision perpetrated on the planet Earth, well, I guess you’ll just have to buy my “The SETI Trilogy.” I will tell you this, I have not seen any science fiction novel or movie that has presented such an alternative as my solution to this collision catastrophe possibility. My theory may just be unique. Try it out, tell me what you think.

To be taken to my Amazon sales page, just click on the book cover image above and below. And after you do read my trilogy I would love to hear from you, let me know what  you think. Just go to my webpage at, click on the Contact form, and then give me your thoughts. You can also get the Amazon link to my book from the book cover on my website as well.

Thanks again for joining me here, till next time.

Frederick Fichman

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Summer is Here


Summer is here, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere. And that means it’s time to get out and see the world. If you are in the United States then going to the Grand Canyon should be on your bucket list…things to do before you depart this mortal coil. The Grand Canyon is truly breathtaking.  Seeing the canyon for the first time as you peer down into the abyss more than a mile deep from South Rim is a memory that will stay with you for a lifetime. Since we live about an hour and half from Grand Canyon National Park we have made many visits and each time we go we discover something new.

But, if you can’t go, and I truly hope you will visit sometime in your life, then purchasing my South/North Rim guide is pretty close to being there. I have recently updated this guide by adding information and photos from the North Rim. The South Rim will see the majority of the 5 million visitors from around the world who make a trip to the Grand Canyon. There are some who do venture down to the valley floor but most people will see the Grand Canyon from the Rim and the many viewpoints along the South Rim trail that you can hike or drive to.

To make it easy to visit my Amazon sales page to get your copy of this guide I have created a shorter url, address link, that you can access below or by simply clicking on the cover of the book above and below.

I hope you have a wonderful summer whatever you do. I will keep submitting weekly updates to my blog. I have some exciting projects, video and writing, that I want to share with you and there is a lot going on behind the scenes. All will be revealed soon.

Again, thank you for visiting my blog and hope you can check in again. Bye for now.


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