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6 New Grand Canyon Videos


6 New Grand Canyon videos have just been uploaded to YouTube…url addresses are listed below. The videos were taken last month and highlight the breathtaking viewpoints of along Desert View Drive, east of the Grand Canyon Village and the Visitors Center. To purchase your copy of the Grand Canyon guide just click on the book cover above.


Frederick Fichman



Sample Chapters on Wattpad


Ever hear of Probably not but maybe so. If you are a reader or like to see what’s new in the world of books then you should check out this website. With 40 million unique global visitors per month and 13 billion minutes spent every month on site, it has become a popular worldwide reading online location.

I just discovered it several weeks ago and decided to upload some of my books with opening chapters so you can get a taste of those books and perchance buy your own full copy from Amazon Kindle. So, if you want to read the opening 3 chapters from four of my “SETI” series of books or check out what’s inside my Grand Canyon guide  just click on the link below to be taken directly to Wattpad and my author page:

Once you are on my page you can click on the book cover and enjoy the opening chapters of the five books I have posted up on Wattpad. In case you want to go directly to my Amazon Kindle sales pages then just click on the book covers below. Either way, I want to thank you for your interest in my work. I know you will have many fun hours of reading ahead. Thanks.



GC BookCover Update 10-27-14 copy

Lewis and Clark CoverRenna3-6-2014 copy

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For my Amazon Kindle Sales Page containing all of my books: