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12-Book “Visit the Zoo” Series Now In Print

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My entire 12-Book “Visit the Zoo” series has just been released in PRINT for purchase on Amazon Create Space. Over 120 animals with descriptions and photographs are included in this comprehensive series of books. If you want to carry your own personal docent in your smartphone or tablet on the next visit to your local zoo then you need these books. Or, if  you want to enjoy this huge collection of animal thumbnail sketches from the comfort of your armchair at home or wherever you travel then you definitely want these books. These books are written for children or adults who love animals, wildlife, or nature.

Just click on the link below or any of the picture blocks above to  see the entire library:

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UPDATE JUST PUBLISHED – “Grand Canyon Guide”


Feet dangling over the abyss that is the Grand Canyon…a one mile sheer drop below if this young couple shown in the image above pitched over and fell. And that fall would take more than a few seconds if they did slip and smash into the floor of the Grand Canyon. To make the situation even scarier, the day I shot this picture the wind was blowing a steady 25-30mph with gusts 40-45mph. (Follow Up: They didn’t fall, they scrambled up to the South Rim Trail and continued just fine on their hike.)

This is just one of the many new pictures I have added to a major update of my book: GC BookCover Update 10-27-14 copy“Grand Canyon- Your South & North Rim Guide to Hiking, Dining & Lodging.” This very large and important update pretty much covers all activity on the North and South Rims of the Grand Canyon. It is comprehensive and complete.

Here is what is included:

  • Description and Photos of the park entrance, Visitors Center, Bookstore, Transit Center, Bright Angel Bicycles/Cafe and Mather Point.


  • Description and Photos of Market Plaza, Trailer Village and Mather Campground, Verkamps, Gift Shops, Yavapai Lodge and South Rim Trail sites along Yavapai Road including the Shrine of the Ages and the Medical Clinic.


  • Description and Photos on Desert View Drive of all South Rim Viewpoints East between Market Plaza and the Watchtower.


  • Description and Photos on Hermit Road of all South Rim Viewpoints West between The Bright Angel Trail Head and Hermit’s Rest along Hermit Road.


  • Description and Photos of the entire Village area including, Hopi House, El Tovar Hotel, Bright Angel Lodge, Maswik Lodge, Kolb Studio, Dining, Gift Shops.


  • Photo Montage along each section of the South Rim Trail most visited.


  • Description of the Backcountry Office, Shuttle Bus System, Dining, Shopping, Pets, Geology, Geography, Plants, Animals, Trailheads, and History.


  • Description and Photos of the North Rim, North Rim Lodge, Dining, Gift Shops.


  • Over 200 beautiful photographs of the Canyon and the South Rim Trail.


  • Over one dozen helpful maps.

The Grand Canyon Guide has been a very good seller for me recently and people are really snapping up copies from around the world. Put this book on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and you have everything you need to know about the Grand Canyon. With almost 200 pictures and more than a dozen maps you will have the ultimate Grand Canyon tool kit when you visit. And even if you are making an armchair visit from wherever you are in the world, the images and description will make you feel as if you are there. Links to videos are also included in the book. So, there is a lot to offer here.

I will keep on top of my Grand Canyon book-video-stills project with continuing upgrades and stunning stills and video. My next big task is to shoot a lot of 4K video footage and get my podcast with captured Grand Canyon audio/wild sounds up and running. That will be coming soon. In the meantime, pick up your copy of this guide from Amazon Kindle. Just click on the book cover below.

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Fred Fichman

GC BookCover Update 10-27-14 copy