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3 Children’s Journals Just Print Published on Amazon Create Space

Kids Journal Cover RENNA copyChildrens Cruise Cover RENNA RENNAChildren's Travel Cover copy

“Are we there yet?” The famous, or infamous question we have all heard from our backseat children asking over and over if the family has arrived for its anticipated destination.

There are many activity books, coloring books, and video attention grabbers available to keep little minds occupied. Well, here is something new. I have just designed, written, and published three journals, or diaries, that will keep children engaged and active during any journey in a car, aboard a cruise ship, in a national park, or just out for a day trip in the neighborhood. In the travel section of my website, I have added three new journals to my ever growing list of journals now available for purchase. The new titles are: “National Park Journal for Children,” “Cruise Journal for Children,” and “Travel Journal for Children.” I have made these journals available in color and packed them with artwork and ample space for your kids to write or draw.

Not only will these journals keep your children engaged for each day of your vacation but they will also urge them to use their imaginations and their little growing minds. Writing down their thoughts and drawing images in these journals is a great stimulation and boost to the learning curve for little minds developing quickly. And years from now, those thoughts and images that your children produce now will be a memorialization of those years when the world was new and bright and fun.

Each child in your family should have a copy of these journals and should be encouraged to begin early life habits of daily discipline and using their imaginations to explore their new world.

Click on the covers above or the links below to be taken directly to Amazon’s Create Space Store to order copies of these journals for your children. They will have fun participating with these journals and you may just get a few minutes of peace and quiet. Have some fun family, you and they deserve it.

“National Park Journal for Children”

“Cruise Journal for Children”

“Travel Journal for Children”

Thank you and bye for now.

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