Monthly Archives: October 2016

Here’s What Happened

So, where’s the rest of the book you promised?

Right in the middle of the move to another Arizona location my Dell XPS 8300 died after five years of continuous use. The Blue Screen of Death popped on my monitor, all of you PC users know what that is, and the motherboard was shot. I did diagnostic exercises and went online with my iPad and the conclusion I came to was that the computer was dead.   Luckily, a week before I did a complete PC backup which is now sitting on an external 1TB hard drive.

So in the middle of a move my computer dies and a couple weeks in a hotel room waiting for our house to close we are finally in our new home. And now I wait for the new computer to be shipped from Dell.

When that happens I will be up and running. I will be able to xfer my files and start posting again here on my blog.

A writer finds it frustrating if not painful when he can’t write. Mechanical failure should not be an excuse. But we are in the age of all things digital which means without my computer I am dead in the water. So, please excuse me, be patient. I should be up in running in a couple of weeks. And when I am online again, not just borrowing a computer like I am doing now, I will begin regular posts to my blog.

Take care, hope to contact you soon.


Fred Fichman