Monthly Archives: April 2017

Big, Big Project Now In-Work


So, what’s been going on? I published a new young adult, adult book, “Noah, an Animal Adventure Fantasy.” It is available on Kindle and also in print from Amazon’s subsidiary, Create Space at:

Now, the biggie…I am now in-work on a massive new project. I am converting all of my 12 “Visit the Zoo” book series into a multimedia DVD that should be available in stages, 3 books per release. The entire project will take about 2 months. Each DVD will include narration of text, original still photos, video clips, audio clips of animals and jungle background, and music background. Check out my dedicated “Visit the Zoo” website at

I will keep you update as I progress on this massive project. I am doing all the work myself so it may take a bit longer than anticipated. But, with 12–14 hours per day it should move along quickly.
Frederick Fichman