36,373 Miles Per Hour

Ya know, I was thinking about the planitessimal Pluto today, that is what Pluto is called now…a planetessimal. I write science fiction…so it happens with my imagination some times. I drift away to the stars. The New Horizons spacecraft was launched by NASA on January 19, 2006. It travelled 3 billion miles at 36,373mph to get there on July 14, 2015. To me, I think it is an indescribable feat for the human species to accomplish such a thing. Just think, only one hundred years ago travelling over 45 miles per hour in automobile was considered life-threatening. Several pictures from the Pluto close encounter just 7,800 above the surface of Pluto, below. Last picture is of the Pluto moon Charon.
Thought I would just share my musings with you.
Pluto’s moon Charon
Frederick Fichman