Is The Panspermia Theory Viable?

Early Mars

This picture you see above looks somewhat like Earth. Right? Wrong? It’s Mars, early Mars.

You are probably saying to yourself…Fred, what are you talking about? Mars is dry now, maybe a few patches of carbon dioxide on each pole, but very dry and very cold.

Well, today, March 5, 2015, NASA published bombshell Press Release #15032 where they boldly stated in the title, “NASA Research Suggests Mars Once Had More Water than Earth’s Arctic Ocean.” And you have heard the old scientific mantra that where there is water there is life. So, let’s extrapolate that even further. Then Earth is not the only planet where there is or has been life. Even further, life sprung up from the muck on two separate planets in our Solar System separated by an average of 140,000,000 miles. Even stranger and further, then if both Mars and Earth support or supported life where did the life come from? Does this give the Panspermia Theory of life seeded throughout the universe from the universe by amino acids and other life building elements even more credence?

See where this is heading? Life on two separate planets means life could be omnipresent throughout the universe. This matter is not just of great scientific importance it has philosophical and religious implications as well. The bottom line here, again, if life arose independently on two planets in our solar does it not suggest that life arose on trillions of other planets in billions and billions of other solar systems in billions of other galaxies? And finally the biggest of all questions, if there is life on other planets, advanced life, where is it and how come we haven’t heard from them yet? (Or have we…the subject matter of my books, “The SETI Trilogy.” SETI-Anthology-Cover-5-14-14-copy

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The possibilities from this announcement today from NASA are endless and through this blog I intend to keep up the discussion. More later.