Just wanted to send you this quick news bulletin.

A solar powered plane is just starting its around the world journey. The plane is called Solar Impulse. “Mission Control” is located in Monaco and the plane, as of this writing has completed the first leg of its journey is about to take off from Muscat airport in Oman.

I think the most interesting part of this adventure is the internet ability to follow along from numerous perspectives.

And  you can follow along by going to There is live commentary, live recreations of cockpit instrumentation, a lot of video being uploaded to YouTube, and a lot of social media interaction on all the usual Social Media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. When the plane is in the air you can hear cockpit communications with the ground from wherever it is. You also can see live video from the cockpit. This is the most live and interactive event of its kind over quite a few days that I have ever seen and it is just starting.

So, again, the url link to follow along this flight is:

It is great fun to watch this drama unfold. Enjoy.