Question…how many of you now reading this blog have purchased one or all of my 12-volume series, “Visit the Zoo” as of today? Well, those of you who have will know that I have described the status of each of the 120 animals in my books. That’s the status as to how close they are to extinction or how they are currently flourishing.

Here are some astonishing facts: Every DAY approximately 100 animal species go extinct…kaput…adios…goodbye forever. Extinction may be due to loss of habitat, encroachment of the human species or simply coming to the end of their evolutionary timetable. However, scientists estimate there are approximately 8.3 million species that roam, fly, crawl, swim on or burrow in to Planet Earth. Even better news is that approximately 15,000 new species are discovered each year. And considering how much of our own planet hasn’t been studied in detail, the number of undiscovered species could be very large. But those undiscovered species are probably the smaller animals, we know about most of the big ones. And this planet has seen some extremely large animals populate the Earth in the past.

I saw this list somewhere on the web a couple of days ago of the largest animals ever to roam the Earth. In case you missed it, I thought I would pass it along to you. By the way, consider  your own height and weight as you read this list:

10.  Saber Tooth Tiger
Lived 42 million years ago, worldwide. Had two curving canine teeth protruding from its mouth, those fangs were 12 inches long. Overall length 10 feet, standing 5.4 feet. Weight, 1,200 pounds.

9.  Hippopotamus
Lived from 16 million years ago to now, sub-Sahara Africa and zoos around the world. 10 feet long, 5.2 feet high. Weight, 3,367 pounds.

8. The Stegosaurus
This dinosaur lived 155 million years ago in western North America. 26 feet long, 13 feet high. Weight, 10,000 pounds.

7.  African Elephant
Lived from 15,000 years ago to now in East, South, West Africa and zoos around the world. 16 feet long, 13 feet high. Weight 11,684.

6.  The Sarcosuchus
This large crocodile-dinosaur lived 112 million years ago in Africa and South America. 38 feet long. Weight 17,600 pounds.

5.  The Triceratops
This dinosaur lived 68 million years ago in North America. 28 feet long, 10 feet high. Weight 22,000 pounds.

4.  The Shantungosaurus
This dinosaur lived 66 million years ago in China. 48 feet long, 25 feet high. Weight, 35,275 pounds.

3.  The Spinosaurus
This dinosaur lived 66 million years ago in North Africa. 50 feet long, 25 feet high. Weight, 37,500 pounds.

2. Amphicoelias Fragillimus
This dinosaur lived 150 millions years ago in North America. 200 feet long, 56 feet high. Weight, 269,000 pounds.

1. The Blue Whale
Lived from 50 million years ago to now in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. 100 feet long. Weight, 400,000 pounds.

The average human is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 176 pounds.

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