“NOAH’S ADVENTURE” -New Book Just Published Free Promotion

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I have just written and published a NEW book, “Noah’ Adventure.” Below, I have pasted the Description for the book from my Amazon Kindle Sales page.

“…A 12 year old boy, Noah, goes to the zoo with his mother and father and is swept away on a seven continent fantasy adventure. He sees dozens of animals and learns about them in their true habitat. His guide and personal docent, Manny Meercat, teaches Noah about the animals’ lives. He also teaches him about the possibilities in life and how to grieve for his brother’s recent death. The story and content in “Noah’s Adventure” contains threads from the author’s own life and history. It is an emotional personal account in many ways for the author and it is in the same genre as Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s “The Little Prince” and Astrid Lindgren’s “The Brothers Lionheart.” This mid-grade children’s book will attract readers from age 10 to adult.”

This book was written primarily as a Children’s Book, but like “The Little Prince” it will have universal appeal including Adults. This book also has universal appeal wherever you live. The journey the main character takes extends to all seven continents. So, wherever you live and on whatever continent you live you will read about your piece of our beautiful planet.

“Noah’s Adventure now on Paperback”

“Noah’s Adventure” is now available in print as a paperback for those of you who want to hold an actual book in your hands. Just click on the cover below and you will be taken directly to the Amazon Sales page:


READ the book, it is a short read only about 27,000 words. REVIEW the book on the Amazon Kindle sales page for “Noah”s Adventure” (click on the book cover above and below.)  SHARE your comments on Facebook or Twitter or whatever social media site you use. Your READ…REVIEW…SHARE would be appreciated.

This book for me is very important with some strong personal emotional connections. I think that both you and your children will enjoy, “Noah’s Adventure.”

Fred Fichman


VTZ Novel Blue Fred SLIM Renna 700x1000