“My RV Travel Journal Just Published” – 7/27/16

My RV Travel Journal Cover copy

When we had our 30 Coachman Concorde class “C” RV during our time in Texas, we had the time of our lives. We visited many states and saw a number of National Parks taking in the sights and sounds of our exploration. There is only one regret, however…we did not keep a journal. I did not write down what we saw, what we experienced and how we felt at seeing such beauty and splendor. I am positive that had I done so I would have turned those journal entries into a book or two, or three, or more.

I started a new publishing company dedicated to directly fix that problem. The company is called Journals Central and you can find it online at www.journalscentral.com. I have over 45 journals ready for purchase. These are print books available from Amazon CreateSpace subsidiary. Just go to my www.journalscentral.com website and click on the book cover you wish to purchase. These books are inexpensive and you will thank yourself years from now for taking the time to memorialize and make diary entries in your journal for all the experiences you had during a wonderful trip, excursion or expedition.

When the initial JournalsCentral book catalog is complete at the end of this year there will be over 100 journals to choose from. I am also encouraging all of you to write me at fred@frederickfichman.com to let me know what journals you would like to see added to our catalog.

“My RV Travel Journal has just been published today as I write this blog. You can visit the Amazon page directly by clicking on this link:  https://www.createspace.com/6453093 or clicking on the book cover above or below. Check it out. Thanks.

My RV Travel Journal Cover copy

Frederick Fichman