Up until several weeks ago when Chinese internet giant Alibaba went public on the New York Stock Exchange, I’ll bet 99.9% of you reading this blog had never heard of Jack Ma. I’ll tell you who he is if you don’t know.

Jack Ma is the 49-year old CEO of the Alibaba Group. The Alibaba group is a collection of companies that is in the business of buying and selling of product, over one billion products, on the internet. Based in Hangshou China, Alibaba is bigger than Amazon and Ebay combined. They state that over 100 million customers per DAY use their site. They have over 500 million users registered on their site. The population of China is 1.357 billion people.

Those numbers are astounding and this company is just getting started. Can you just imagine what their reach will be in several years?

Until I saw a story about him last weekend on the Sunday news magazine program 60 minutes I had never heard of him or Alibaba. What this demonstrates is the power and scope of the Chinese market. What is also astounding is that this company can flourish in China with its restrictions.

Jack Ma beat all the odds of living in a communist country, being of small stature, not having any political connections, not coming from a wealthy family, and being turned down from entrance to a Chinese university twice.

Bottom line, anything is possible for anyone anywhere.

So, whether you are a writer like me trying to sell his/her books or a peasant from deep in the bowels of huge country like China, the indomitable human spirit cannot be suppressed. For that, I would like to congratulate Jack Ma for his success and for China for allowing him to become successful.

Now…if I could just find some way to reach that Chinese market with my 29 books now listed on my sales page on Amazon. Any suggestions?

Frederick Fichman