Amazon Kindle Price Promotion for anthology “The SETI Trilogy” begins Friday, June 20th

Frederick Fichman


 Price Promotion from Amazon Kindle Begins Friday, June 20th

“The SETI Trilogy” from Author Frederick Fichman


 PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ – June 15, 2014

PRICE PROMOTION JUST ANNOUNCED by Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. For a limited time only Author Frederick Fichman will be selling his latest book, “The SETI Trilogy,” on Amazon Kindle for a tremendously reduced price.

Beginning Friday, June 20, 2014, all three SETI books included in “The SETI Trilogy” will be priced at $.99 for a 36-hour period, then $1.99 for the next 36-hour period and finally at $2.99 for the remaining 36-hour period. The promotion then ends on Thursday, June 26, 2014. The regular price for the approximate 773 page, 220,000-word anthology of all three SETI books on Amazon Kindle is $5.99.

“The SETI Trilogy” anthology was just released to the public on February 13, 2014. It includes book number one in the trilogy, “SETI,” book number two, “SETI, The Journey,” and book number three, “SETI, Conception.” “SETI, Conception” was published on February 12, 2014 and is the latest and final edition in the SETI series of science fiction books.

This price promotion will hopefully add to the excellent response that the SETI books have received and spur further reader interest.

These SETI stories unfold through time with the quest of a young adult ham radio operator, Sam Alexander, starting at 16 years old to the final confrontation of Earth and an Alien Civilization. Hints of the speculative current theory of the mysterious Nibiru planet and Planet X also weave into the SETI story. From the beginning search of “The SETI Trilogy” for an extraterrestrial radio signal to the astounding fast-paced conclusion, young Sam Alexander discovers an alien radio transmission that changes life on the Planet Earth, forever. A new “take” on aliens and alien confrontation is explored.

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