Audiobook – “NOAH”

I am trying something new, starting today. I am laying down audio files to be assembled in chapters by and turned into an audiobook by, an Amazon subsidiary. All of my digital and print work is published through Amazon. I am recording my latest young adult novel, “Noah.” It will be available on Amazon and Audible. There are 14 chapters in my book, today I recorded 5 chapters. Pix below show some of my tools. I thought I would take all of you along during this first audiobook attempt. The last time I was behind a mic was for my Sunday afternoon shift on the University of Kansas low-watt am student station that barely made it beyond the city limits of Lawrence, Kansas. For 2 hours spinning disks, rip-and-read AP news copy off the wire, and dropping in sponsor ads. That was in 1967…yeah, you can compute that to 50 years ago. Where in the hell did 50 years go? “Noah” as an audiobook will be published sometime in April.


Frederick Fichman