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Author Frederick Fichman is the author of over 25 books now available on various ebook platforms, primarily Kindle. He writes full-time both fiction and non-fiction after a previous career in network broadcast television, ABC-TV in Hollywood. He currently lives and works in Prescott, Arizona

“Visit the Zoo” Volume One DVD Now Available for Wholesale and Bulk Purchase

Just signed a contract with Allied Vaughn to distribute VTZ #1 to the wholesale market-school districts, libraries, bookstores, etc. Check out my store at

Bulk orders are accepted, starting with 1 unit, with a 25% discount.

More announcements are also coming soon, especially if you like podcasts.

Stay Tuned.

Frederick Fichman


Mola Mola

New Videos In-Production

Update 7-25-17

Now Available on Amazon:

Update 7-7-17

Now Available

 Update 7-12-17

Video Trailer for “Visit the Zoo, Volume One” DVD is now available on YouTube


Project Summary

Visit the Zoo, Volume One


List Price: $12.95

38 minutes, NTSC

UPC: 191091457153

The “Visit the Zoo” DVD series gives children, young adults and adults an immediate appreciation for the animal world. There are little known facts about these animals that will astonish young and mature minds. The purpose of the series is to expose our young ones to the animals who share our planet. From all corners of our world zoos have collected these wondrous creatures from places on earth that most of these children and young adults will never visit.

Watching Volume One and all of the other DVD videos is like taking a walk through the zoo. Still Photographs, video, wild sound effects, & Music will make it feel like you are really at the zoo. It is like having your own personal docent.

This is DVD video Volume One in a 12-Volume Series presenting over 120 animals from around the world.

The print editions for the “Visit the Zoo” books have been reviewed and endorsed by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums in Geneva, Switzerland. These DVD videos are a direct multimedia experience drawn from the “Visit the Zoo” 12-book series.


My first DVD has been uploaded to CreateSpace and Amazon.

I’ll get final approval in 10 days…then it’s on to volume 2-12.

No rest for the weary and wicked.


I am about half-way through production on video Number One of the first three videos I am producing, available in DVD format or available for download, from my 12-book “Visit the Zoo” series. All 12 books in this series are available now in print and ebook format on and The first three books will also be available shortly as audiobooks available on and on

Video One should be released in about 3 weeks with the other two available in June or July.

The narration tracks have been recorded. The film and still photography have been assembled. The wild sound, music, and animals sounds have been assembled so now it is time for editing. I am using my complete skill set in video production that I have learned and practiced my entire adult life beginning with my film school experience at Kansas University and following with my experience in broadcast television, most of that time spent with ABC-TV in Hollywood. So, these videos will be a multimedia experience as I explore the world and lives of over 120 animals through word, picture, film, video, still, sounds, and support graphics and animation.

But it is the Video and Audio editing that I am working on now that is the most challenging. I am using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Stock, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects as well as numerous stock audio and video libraries. But most of what you see for picture and sound I have recorded, photographed, or shot video myself in HD 1080p.

I would like to describe the video and audio editing process as knowing where to drop, cut, slide and pull both image and sound. It is an aesthetic sense of knowing what looks and sounds right. It is knowing when to cut tight or loose and when to hang onto a shot or let it drop. But above all, it is fun and I can hardly wait to show you the results.

So, stand by, it is all coming soon. For more information on this “Visit the Zoo” 12-book series, you can go to

I’ll keep you informed as to my progress.

Frederick Fichman

AUDIOBOOK for “Noah, An Animal Adventure Fantasy” Just Published on Audible, Amazon, & iTunes


NOW ON iTunes:

 Click on icon to the left to Access Link


It took many hours recording the narration, editing the narration, and then finally uploading all of the narration tracks to ACX and Audible. But my first audiobook has now been published on, and on iTunes. “Noah, An Animal Adventure Fantasy” follows in the same foot steps as the children’s classic, “The Little Prince.” But with a difference. I have written and narrated “Noah, An Animal Adventure Fantasy” based on personal experience and tragedy. So, this book is very personal for me. There was no way I was going to hire a professional “voice” to narrate my book. I’ve done it on my own and I am thrilled with the results.

I hope you will have the opportunity to either read this, my latest novel, as an ebook or in print, or listen to the audiobook. For links to these three formats/versions of my book please click on this link to go to

Thank you


Fred Fichman

Big, Big Project Now In-Work


So, what’s been going on? I published a new young adult, adult book, “Noah, an Animal Adventure Fantasy.” It is available on Kindle and also in print from Amazon’s subsidiary, Create Space at:

Now, the biggie…I am now in-work on a massive new project. I am converting all of my 12 “Visit the Zoo” book series into a multimedia DVD that should be available in stages, 3 books per release. The entire project will take about 2 months. Each DVD will include narration of text, original still photos, video clips, audio clips of animals and jungle background, and music background. Check out my dedicated “Visit the Zoo” website at

I will keep you update as I progress on this massive project. I am doing all the work myself so it may take a bit longer than anticipated. But, with 12–14 hours per day it should move along quickly.
Frederick Fichman

Audiobook – “NOAH”

I am trying something new, starting today. I am laying down audio files to be assembled in chapters by and turned into an audiobook by, an Amazon subsidiary. All of my digital and print work is published through Amazon. I am recording my latest young adult novel, “Noah.” It will be available on Amazon and Audible. There are 14 chapters in my book, today I recorded 5 chapters. Pix below show some of my tools. I thought I would take all of you along during this first audiobook attempt. The last time I was behind a mic was for my Sunday afternoon shift on the University of Kansas low-watt am student station that barely made it beyond the city limits of Lawrence, Kansas. For 2 hours spinning disks, rip-and-read AP news copy off the wire, and dropping in sponsor ads. That was in 1967…yeah, you can compute that to 50 years ago. Where in the hell did 50 years go? “Noah” as an audiobook will be published sometime in April.


Frederick Fichman

I  love to travel to experience the new, fresh, exciting, and beautiful. And throughout those travels I have learned a thing or two, by trial and error, about what to take and not take on those journeys. It’s always been a haphazard chore of getting this here and that there. So, I decided to create a travel store on Amazon that congregates travel items onto one concentrated storefront on Amazon,

I hope you will have the opportunity to check out my selections for your next travel adventures. You will find them useful and in many cases necessary. Just click on the image above or the link below. Thanks and Happy Travels.

Frederick Fichman

And don’t forget to pick up a copy of my Grand Canyon Guide.

Complete Meal Gourmet Cookbook


Go to: or click on book cover below.

There Should Be A Law…that some people should be prohibited from stepping into a kitchen to cook. I would like you to read the Preface for my new book, “The Complete Meal Gourmet Cookbook”:

The fateful night came several years ago, when I was walking away from a friend’s house one chilly autumn California evening. It was then and there that I decided I would never put a guest through what I had just been through…a lousy pseudo-gourmet dinner. It was a Chinese dinner attempt. I mean, how could you mess up a dinner with mixed vegetables and chicken. 

It Happened. 

The chicken fried in the wok for 20 minutes. It should have been two minutes. The vegetables cooked for 30 minutes. There is no exaggeration here. It should have taken no more than 30 seconds. The color of the final product was gray. The texture was mushy. The taste…forget it. 

Good eating is made up of these elements: COLOR, TEXTURE and TASTE. Good cooking is the right combination of those three keys. And yet, you the reader, anxiously thumbing through this book will quickly realize you can realized those goals. Cooking like this, as described in this book, can be fun, easy, and oh so impressive. The recipes and techniques herein are no different than the scrambled eggs or hamburgers you are attempting now, just a few more steps and the right ingredients. For you, the ones whose meals don’t seem to have that sharp edge you’ve seen in restaurants or those magnificent gourmet food magazines, well, we will help. 

That story, true, justifies my premise that some supposed chefs or cooks should be barred from preparing food for others.

So, awhile back I wrote this cookbook that tackled not only individual dishes but complete meals as well. From ingredients to table settings, I have put together a primer describing how to put it all together. What I learned managing Food Services, one of my admin departments I ran at ABC-TV in Hollywood, is thrown into this book.

You can take parts and pieces from my suggestions or use the entire “How To” chapters for 10 complete meals. Veal Marsala, Sunday Brunch, or Prime Rib, there is much to chose from in “The Complete Meal Gourmet Cookbook.” You can purchase your copy in Kindle digital form from at     or in full-color print from Amazon subsidiary at

Give it a try, you won’t be sorry and your family and guests will love you for it.

Fred Fichman



A Loaf of Bread

Consider the picture above and my description of what you are looking at.

This is a compilation image taken by the Hubble Telescope. This update version called the Ultra or Extreme Deep Field Image was compiled and released in 2009. It shows a portion of the sky near Polaris or the North Star. If you were to hold a pencil at arms length the width of the sky that Hubble was pointed at was no bigger than the pencil point at the end of your arm. That area of the sky seems dark and uninteresting seen with the naked human eye. It’s not.

But what you are looking at is close to 10,000 galaxies that are 13.2 billion years old. Considering the maximum speed of light you are looking at a snapshot of how those galaxies looked 13.2 billion years ago. Two important points: 1.) The Earth is approximately 4 billion years old and 2.) Astronomers estimate our universe, the current universe, there may have been other previously (that’s science fiction, my area) is approximately 13.7 billion years old. So, you are looking back in time at galaxies like our Milky Way at the beginning of the creation of the universe.

Galaxies are cosmic structures that swirl around a central core in many cases surrounded by hundreds of millions of stars. Each one of those stars are suns, many like our sun yellow in color and young in age. And around each of those stars or suns there are probably planets made out of the same material found throughout the universe. That material is building material needed to create planets.

Drilling down even further, our Milky Way, just one galaxy among trillions in our universe, contains anywhere from 100 to 400 million stars. One of those stars is our sun with nine known planets. Extrapolate out and you will see that in that Extreme Deep Field Image seen above their are 10,000 seen/detected galaxies, each one of those galaxies contain hundreds of millions of stars, and each one of those stars might and probably contain planets…you might have trillions of planets in just one galaxy. Just as there are billions or trillions of planets in our Milky Way, just one of trillions of galaxies in our universe.

The universe is so very big and we are so very small. And yet, our somewhat developed minds are able to consider the edge of our universe, who we are in that universe and where we fit in that universe.

You can travel in your mind to those galaxies, stars, and planets to visit other alien and ancient civilizations. Put on your thinking cap now…can you just imagine how far advanced, if they didn’t self-destruct, those ancient alien civilizations might be at this very moment and not as you see them when their galaxies, stars, and planets were just created 13.2 billion years ago. Intelligent creatures who survive on those planets may be nothing more than pure intelligent energy in their evolution or they might me just like us…driving to their nearest supermarket to pick up a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, and the latest National Enquirer.

Whether you know it or not or whether you think about it or not your are physically, chemically, and psychologically connected to the image you see above…the Extreme Deep Field Image.

The next time  you are gazing up at the night sky, find the Big Dipper and look at the pointing side of that dipper at it shows a trajectory to the North Star, Polaris. Around and near Polaris are those galaxies you see in the above picture 13.2 billion light years away from where you are standing at that moment. And wonder, if there is some creature or alien or intelligence that is looking back at you at the galaxy we call the Milky Way, looking at our far limb location of our galaxy and wondering if intelligent life exists in that galaxy, near that star, surrounded by planets, your planet. Two living species gazing at one another through 13.2 billion light years of space and time considering if the other exists.

Frederick Fichman

Author of “The SETI Trilogy”