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Author Frederick Fichman is the author of over 25 books now available on various ebook platforms, primarily Kindle. He writes full-time both fiction and non-fiction after a previous career in network broadcast television, ABC-TV in Hollywood. He currently lives and works in Prescott, Arizona Now Up and Running

I am reposting, below, because is now up and running:

National Park Journals

My National Park and Cruise journals are the most purchased books I write or design, consistently from month to month. These journals allow people to memorialize their travel adventures. Imagine being able to look back 10 or 20 years from now and reading what you have written in these journals on a trip that you still remember even into old age.

If you do plan any type of travel journey this summer I urge you to purchase one of these inexpensive journals and write down those memories of the fun and discoveries you made on those trips.

I have written and designed journals for the top-ten most visited national parks in the NPS system (in order of attendance):

Great Smoky Mountains

Grand Canyon

Rocky Mountain





Grand Teton



Several months ago I made an executive decision to design and write journals for all 58 parks in the NPS system. I made that pledge publically here in an earlier blog. I am going to produce another 48 journals to fulfill that pledge. I can assure you that it will take me an entire year to do the work. I will release these future National Park Journals in blocks.

I have also recently obtained the url for I am going to build a website specific for those national park journals. I will finish that job within the next month and will populate that new website with my National Park journal selections published and available on Amazon and Amazon subsidiary Create Space. If you go to you will just see the GoDaddy holding page. But the website and landing page should be up soon.

If you want to see ALL of my journals now available for purchase then go to:

2017 – What’s Planned

Happy New Year everybody. I hope you all have a fun and prosperous and most importantly, a healthy New Year.

If you are on Instagram, and I assume most of you are, you may have gotten an Instagram message from Instagram HQ today suggesting you tell your followers what you are planning this year. Instagram is suggesting this look forward would be a good way to engage your followers. I really try not to plan because Life often intrudes/interrupts and I don’t want to disappoint myself by not following my planned out life. But, I thought maybe this one time I will make an exception.

So, below is a rough idea of what I hope to accomplish in 2017. But you have to promise me that if there is something I fail to complete, or even start, you won’t be angry with me a year from now when something doesn’t get done…or even get started. I just think that there is pretty good possibility that I will be able to get most of this done. Okay, here we go…this is what author Frederick Fichman plans to do in 2017:


I have been threatening to do this for almost a year. But like I said above life got in the way, we moved and only just today did I put the finishing touches on my mini-recording studio. In my prior full-time career, lasting a lifetime, I worked in and around studios, radio-network TV stations, in and around Hollywood and other locations. So, I know what is necessary to produce clean professional-sounding audio. Without building a full room-size recording booth this is about the closest I can get. I have installed sound-deadening foam to prevent bounce of sound back into the mic. I just finished that New Years Eve…yes, I worked New Years Eve. I installed a new MXL brand BCD-1 dynamic microphone which sounds great. It has excellent side and rear rejection which means you really have to get close to the front or business end of the mic for good pickup. The mic plugs into a small 4-channel Mackie Mixer which then plugs into a dbx 286 mic gate and audio processor which will further suppress exterior noises leaking into my office-studio from outside. I am laying down tracks on a Tascam DR-680mkII digital recorder and editing final output to Audacity software application. When finished I will be hosted by Libsyn then uploading to Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher and several other podcast hosts. It is possible I may also shoot video to upload to my YouTube channel at

That’s the technical side, so what is it I am going to podcast? I am going to talk about my writing and discussing the subject matter of some of the 93 fiction and non-fiction books I currently have up on Amazon Kindle and on the Print On Demand Amazon subsidiary company, Create Space. I am going to talk about space, science fiction, nature-wildlife, and finally adventuring in our National Park System. That is a wide pattern of subject matter but it is what I personally love to write about. I may even drop in some entertainment, TV, and Movie subjects…I did work in the “business,” mostly in Hollywood, so I do have some insight and experience in that area. I hope to snag a few interviews along the way and I will be handing out a lot of free information and content that I hope you will find useful.


I have actually written the first three chapters to continue the work I did on “The SETI Trilogy.” Last summer in a wild and productive 24-hour period, I outlined the story lines for books 4-9. Yes, you understood me correctly, I will be writing 6 more SETI books. The storyline will add another alien species with a surprising ending for the aliens and the humans which will take competing alien species and earth humans to the edge our galaxy, The Milky Way.

Over the years I have heard from readers who continually ask me, “…what happens next.” I thought it was all going to end at the final paragraph of book III. As I began to surmise of what could have been possible with the continuation of the saga I learned that I was anxious to find out myself what was going to happen to the characters in my books and the planet Earth. After outlining the direction I want to take, I know now what is going to happen with my story and characters and in the next couple of years I am going to let you know as well.

If you want to read those first three chapters for book IV “SETI, Integration,” go to to read these sample chapters.

The Feather

So much to do, so little time. I really really really want to finish this book. Like “SETI IV” I have already written the first three chapters. You can find those as well at

This is a fiction book, a fantasy tale about some strange additions to the Corps of Discovery, the men and one woman in Lewis and Clark Expedition. I am fascinated by this 2.5 year expedition in northernwestern tier of land in the United States, 1804-1806. The approach I am taking with the telling of this early “space exploration program” suggested by President Thomas Jefferson and staged and funded by the early U.S. congress is totally unique. This approach I am taking describing what happened in intimate detail during that adventure is completely unique and has never been tried before.

In the end I think readers will be captivated by being able to be a part of the day to day wondrous discoveries and arduous challenges this group of explorers faced. I can tell you that the research is fascinating and I hope to transmit as much of that anecdotal information to you my readers as is possible without killing the story.

National Park Journals

My National Park and Cruise journals are the most purchased books I write or design, consistently from month to month. These journals allow people to memorialize their travel adventures. Imagine being able to look back 10 or 20 years from now and reading what you have written in these journals on a trip that you still remember even into old age.

If you do plan any type of travel journey this summer I urge you to purchase one of these inexpensive journals and write down those memories of the fun and discoveries you made on those trips.

I have written and designed journals for the top-ten most visited national parks in the NPS system (in order of attendance):

Great Smoky Mountains

Grand Canyon

Rocky Mountain





Grand Teton



Several months ago I made an executive decision to design and write journals for all 58 parks in the NPS system. I made that pledge publically here in an earlier blog. I am going to produce another 48 journals to fulfill that pledge. I can assure you that it will take me an entire year to do the work. I will release these future National Park Journals in blocks.

I have also recently obtained the url for I am going to build a website specific for those national park journals. I will finish that job within the next month and will populate that new website with my National Park journal selections published and available on Amazon and Amazon subsidiary Create Space. If you go to you will just see the GoDaddy holding page. But the website and landing page should be up soon.

If you want to see ALL of my journals now available for purchase then go to:

Personal Journals

I don’t even have the covers prepared as of yet but I am also going to release 10  books in my Personal Journals category. I also plan to work on those journals as well this year, 2017

Vids, Photos, & Book Trailers & My Grand Canyon Guide

I will never forget the first time shot, developed and printed one my first ever photographs in black and white, a vanishing perspective picture of the Truman Library in Independence, Missouri (I grew up and lived the first 21 years of my life in nearby Prairie Village, Kansas.) I was hooked on photography from then till now. I will shoot more stills, video and record more audio for my YouTube Channel, in support of my writing and publishing. The stills and video will be used in future book trailers and the sound I capture will be used for my podcast and other social media.

To that end I will be doing another update to my Grand Canyon Guide to the North and South Rim:

(click on cover to go to for my Grand Canyon guide)

I have quite a few short videos I’ve already shot and uploaded to YouTube for the east and west viewpoints along the South Rim that you can see on my channel. But I think it will be time again for another update to my Grand Canyon Guide in 2017. This time I will be shooting video in 4K and capture a great deal more sound as well for my podcast.

Social Media

I will continue to update all of my social media throughout the year for my author platform:

Author Website                           

Author Blog Site                          


Grand Canyon Guide Landing Page (coming soon)

Visit the Zoo Website                 

Visit the Zoo Landing Page        

Twitter                                                   @FredericFichman








Snapchat                                                fjfichman




Podcast                                                  Thru iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud (coming soon) 

National Park Journals                                 

Somehow and somewhere with all of that going on, I plan to eat, sleep, walk, take care of family duties, take care of certain body requirements and functions, and just take time to smell the coffee, roses, and sniff the clean desert air of southern Arizona where my wife and I currently live.

There you have it. That is what author Frederick Fichman is going to be doing in 2017. I am certain your plans are as full and exciting and I wish all the best to accomplish your goals as well in 2017.

If you have any thoughts or comments or would like to send me an email, just go to my main website at and use the Contact Form to send me a message. Thank you again for following me and my work. And again, Happy New Year.


Frederick Fichman



Same Ole…Same Ole-A Movie Review of “Rogue One, Star Wars” (…stinking like a dead carp at the end of a pier)

Did you read or hear about this news story:

Man falls asleep during ‘Rogue One,’ awakens to empty theater in the middle of the night

by KATU News

Saturday, December 24th 2016


This image released by Lucasfilm Ltd. shows Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso in a scene from, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” (Jonathan Olley/Lucasfilm Ltd. via AP)

CORNELIUS, Ore. — “Rogue One” is a standalone Star Wars film, and one Oregon man found himself sitting alone in an empty theater after he fell asleep during the movie.

According to Washington County Sheriff’s deputies, the man awoke around 1 a.m. Christmas Eve to an empty theater. Confused, he attempted to leave the building but triggered a motion sensor alarm in the lobby. He then called 911 to get help, because unfortunately, his Jedi mind tricks weren’t working.

“Help me, Washington County Sheriff’s deputies, you’re my only hope!” he (probably) said.

He was rescued shortly after via an emergency exit. Deputies say the incident likely wasn’t crime-related and theater staff had just forgotten to check for customers at closing time.


Yep, that about says it all about this movie.

I saw it last weekend. I didn’t fall asleep but I almost walked out.

Let me put it to you this way…if you saw the very first “Star Wars” movie created by George Lucas and released May 25, 1977 then you pretty much know the storyline of “Rogue One, Star Wars.”  The storyline 40 years ago in the original “Star Wars” was about the retrieval of secret plans for the Death Star. The storyline in December, 2016 is about the retrieval of secreat plans for the Death Star. Both movies separated by a generation introduces new characters. “Rogue One” does bring back a few old favorites like Darth Vader but the story is EXACTLY the same. Very little difference.

Of course the graphics are a helluva lot better. There is a better sound, color, pacing. But so what? The same action sequences plotted out with similar stilted dialogue were included in the new film. The major difference is that the two main characters in “Rogue One” get killed off in the end in a strange similar fashion I have seen in other sci-fi films about destruction of the earth. This new Star Wars franchise film is derivative all the way through from beginning to end in its construction and look and feel.

Yeah, I gave away the ending but so what? Look at it this way, I am doing you a favor. Save your money. Soon enough it will be on Pay Per View, then HBO, then eventuallyfree on FX.

There nothing more I can say about this stinker. Out of five stars, a ONE…only for the technical crafting of the film. The rest of the above-the-line work is old and predictable.

And who am I to be such a hoity-toity expert…if you are just joining me on my blog adventures? I write science fiction and I am a voracious sci-fi reader. So, I know about story development, dialogue, and action-adventure. “Rogue One” has none of that.

It sits on the end of the pier stinking like a dead carp.

I think the absolute best part of the movie was seeing the CGI created Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in the very last scene lasting only seconds. That elevated the entire venture. Rest in Peace Carrie, you were funny, smart, beautiful and talented.

Frederick Fichman

Book Giveaway for “My Cruise Journal”

I am giving away 5 copies of “My Cruise Journal.” To see how this new Amazon feature works and for a shot at one of my journals for free, click on:


See this #AmazonGiveaway for a chance to win: My Cruise Journal: A Day-to-Day Diary of my Cruise (Travel Journals) (Volume 2). NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends the earlier of Dec 26, 2016 11:59 PM PST, or when all prizes are claimed. See Official Rules


Frederick Fichman



36,373 Miles Per Hour

Ya know, I was thinking about the planitessimal Pluto today, that is what Pluto is called now…a planetessimal. I write science fiction…so it happens with my imagination some times. I drift away to the stars. The New Horizons spacecraft was launched by NASA on January 19, 2006. It travelled 3 billion miles at 36,373mph to get there on July 14, 2015. To me, I think it is an indescribable feat for the human species to accomplish such a thing. Just think, only one hundred years ago travelling over 45 miles per hour in automobile was considered life-threatening. Several pictures from the Pluto close encounter just 7,800 above the surface of Pluto, below. Last picture is of the Pluto moon Charon.
Thought I would just share my musings with you.
Pluto’s moon Charon
Frederick Fichman

“ARRIVAL” New Movie Release – 11-11-16 PART II, Review


There are some movies that can stick with you for a lifetime.  They are vivid and clear in your memory. For me, the four movies that I can remember vividly, almost scene by scene, are “2001,” “E.T.,” “Close Encounters,” and “Star Wars.”

When I saw “Arrival” almost two weeks ago I thought it would be film number 5 on that list. I thought it would be a classic and I even pre-ordered the film on the Apple iTunes Store. Now, I am not so sure.

Yes, it was ingenious in that the beginning of the film was really where the end of the film would pick up after the film was over. It was a flash forward that you would see at the beginning of the film and would not see repeated in the final scenes. You would have to let your mind and imagination fill in the blanks as you walked out of the theater.

The interpretation of the physics concept of Time Dilation, the bending of time and shaping of time rather than it being a straight-ahead/forward linear concept was employed in “Arrival.” I understand the concept and for a science fiction writer like myself it is a wonderful tool to move the story and bend the story. And the concept of conversation circular patterns with artifacts as a language I also find fascinating. But so is Sanskrit and Hieroglyphics, communicating with shapes and patterns.

“Arrival” subdued color, removing a bit of Chroma and intensity of color, may have affected my overall carry-on mood about “Arrival” because I am not a fan of film noir, black and white, sepia-toned, or any other monochromatic method of image presentation. That is not how I see the world and how most of us see the world, unless it is at night that we are seeing the world. I am a daytime person not a nighttime person. It is just what I as an individual prefer. I like the night because the stars, planets, nebula, and galaxies are visible. But to tell a story on film I often see filmmakers purposely use night scenes for a cheaper shoot or to mask more complicated setups that would require more precise cinematography.

Am I making any sense? Maybe yes, maybe no? You have to decide then after you see this film “Arrival” if you feel the same way. The film in retrospect is a little bit of let down now that time has passed since my viewing. I told a friend of mine that I thought the sound design was excellent. And the editing was masterful. He said he thought even better was the sound editing. This friend of mine is and has been an editor, sound editor, director, producer working in Hollywood for decades winning constant industry awards so he knows what is good and what is mediocre and what outright stinks.

So yeah, is was a good movie. The direction, editing, acting, sound, set design all rang true and no mistakes with all of that got in the way of telling the story.

Trite and applicable…it’s like eating Chinese food, in a few hours or less you are hungry again. So, I guess I am hungry for the next sci-film that will move me like “2001” or “Close Encounters” or “E.T.” Maybe Steven Spielberg should try yet another scifi, emotional, and heart-tugging film before he passes the baton. Maybe he should try to produce and direct my “SETI Trilogy.” That is my hope and prayer from a selfish and ever-dreaming science fiction story teller…me

Frederick Fichman


Click Here  or on book cover above to go to Amazon for “The SETI Trilogy”

“ARRIVAL” new movie release, 11-11-16


I saw the new release movie “Arrival” on Friday.

As regular readers of my blog know, I write science fiction. My first book, “SETI” was print published by Penguin USA in the U.S. and Canada and by Headline Press in the U.K. and Australia in 1990. Since then I have written two follow-on novels and completed my SETI Trilogy. But I really can’t stop there. I am in the process of writing book number four. Book four will be then followed by books 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9. I have written the outlines for all books remaining in the series.

And that is why being at the first screening on Friday, the day of release here in the U.S., for “Arrival” was so important for me. I was not disappointed. The script, the direction, the editing, and sound design are all brilliant. The story is about…well, I can not tell you. This film is so constructed that if I told you anything I will have told you everything.

The only thing I can tell you is go see it. It is now and will become a classic in the science fiction genre of films. In about a month or two or when I see that it is available for download in the iTunes Store and my pre-order has been fulfilled I want to tell you my thoughts about this movie…I really want to tell you why this is such an ingenious film, an important film. This will be coming from someone who went to film school at the University of Kansas in the sixties and worked in Hollywood for over 30 years so I somewhat know what I am talking about. There is so much I want discuss and even divulge. So, as I like to say at the end of each of my blog posts…STAY TUNED.


Frederick Fichman

Finally Back After 6+ Weeks


Finally, I am back. We have moved. My new computer is up and running and our home is coming together…although still a lot of boxes to unpack.

Above you will see a picture of my work station. The monitor on top left is for Apple TV, monitor top right is cable TV, and the 27″ on my desk is for my new XPS 8910 Dell desktop computer.

I will be posting new and regular blogs soon, working on more books, and finally getting my podcast up and running.

So, hang in there with me and thank you for sticking around.

BTW, aren’t you glad the election is finally here on Tuesday. I have no idea who is going to win but I’m sure happy that the political b.s. is about to end.

Anyway, thank you again for being patient. bfn.


Frederick Fichman


Here’s What Happened

So, where’s the rest of the book you promised?

Right in the middle of the move to another Arizona location my Dell XPS 8300 died after five years of continuous use. The Blue Screen of Death popped on my monitor, all of you PC users know what that is, and the motherboard was shot. I did diagnostic exercises and went online with my iPad and the conclusion I came to was that the computer was dead.   Luckily, a week before I did a complete PC backup which is now sitting on an external 1TB hard drive.

So in the middle of a move my computer dies and a couple weeks in a hotel room waiting for our house to close we are finally in our new home. And now I wait for the new computer to be shipped from Dell.

When that happens I will be up and running. I will be able to xfer my files and start posting again here on my blog.

A writer finds it frustrating if not painful when he can’t write. Mechanical failure should not be an excuse. But we are in the age of all things digital which means without my computer I am dead in the water. So, please excuse me, be patient. I should be up in running in a couple of weeks. And when I am online again, not just borrowing a computer like I am doing now, I will begin regular posts to my blog.

Take care, hope to contact you soon.


Fred Fichman


Write & Publish Your Ebook-10 Steps to Success

I apologize.

It has been weeks since I posted any solid content. Well, I do have an excuse. We are right in the middle of a move from Prescott Valley, AZ to Marana, AZ. It has been difficult to squeeze out some time to sit in front of the keyboard. Moving is a real pain.

Prescott Valley, at 5,000′ elevation does have great 4-season weather. The air is clean and sky is a beautiful dark azure blue. But, it does lack advantages that a slightly larger city does seem to offer. We are avoiding the crush of Phoenix and moving to a suburb of Tucson. Our elevation will be at about 2,700 feet so we are slightly cooler than Phoenix during the seasons. And the winters in Tucson, OMG, perfect, with an average daytime temperature of 68-70.

The next two weeks will be intense with packing and closing up the computer and our cable connection to the world so I thought I would begin a new series of posts during that time and the next couple of months that will be easy to upload. I am going to upload to this blog with a chapter by chapter non-fiction book I wrote several years ago, “Write & Publish Your E-Book, 10 Steps to Success.” The content is evergreen and just as relevant now as when I wrote it 3 years ago.

There will be others short posts I will try to upload with my iPad but I do want to keep this blog useful to you my readers and followers. So, here we go:


Write & Publish Your Ebook

10 Steps to Success

Copyright © 2016 by Frederick Fichman, Publisher

All rights reserved. No part of this book, in its unique form,

as developed and herein electronically-published by Frederick Fichman,

may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means,

electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording

or by any information storage and retrieval systems, without

permission in writing from the publisher, except where permitted by law.


Electronically-Printed in the United States of America




Frederick Fichman Publishing

Marana, Maricopa, AZ 85658

Copyright, 2016

This Book Began With A Blog:

Friday, May 3, 2013


Dewey, Cheetum and Howe…the famous law firm that Johnny Carson used to joke about. Johnny who? Okay, for the younger crowd…he was the host of the Tonight Show, on the NBC Network. He was host before Jimmy Fallon or Jay Leno, who was host after Conan O’Brien, who was host after Jay Leno, who was host after Johnny Carson. Ya with me? I don’t know if I’m with me….anyway.


The fictional law firm of Dewey, Cheetum and Howe tried to live up to its firm name. That reminds me of the extreme number of marketing-type-people on YouTube and on the blogosphere and with dozens of websites who are making money by telling you how to make money using YouTube, Pinterest or Facebook. But it’s all about the content, good content, helpful content, and easy to digest in small bite size chunks content. And that’s the question, how to write that content.


Okay, well, I will answer that for you. Write what you know, write what you love. Simple. It’s a basic tenant taught by every script doctor, English professor, and successful writer, writing big 100,000 word novels or columnist writing columns distributed through the web or syndicated to 500 newspapers.


Do you have a skill, a hobby, a love of something, an interest, a curiosity? You must be good at something. You must have been trained to do something. Perhaps you have a vivid imagination. Can you sit at the dinner table and weave a good yarn?


That is the overriding foundation for being able to tell a good non-fiction story, explain clearly a skill or give decent advice on “How To” fix or accomplish some goal in life. If you can do that then you can write it down into a blog, or better yet into a book. It doesn’t have to be a long book but it has to be something someone can learn from or find enjoyment with as they read. Therefore, you can sell an ebook on Amazon Kindle, Barnes&Noble Nook, KOBO Books or iBooks. You can do this.


That is what I am doing, both non-fiction and fiction. My non-fiction books are my interests, my fiction books spring from my vivid and sometimes wild imagination.


Now for the Net-Net as I used to say in my creepy corporate management past. I can tell you how I have come to post up and sell over 20 books on those ebook sellers. I have been writing for a long time and I have learned a great deal about how to write. The question is how I should pass this information along to you. What I am considering is to drop a few pearls of wisdom here on this blog, then package the rest into an ebook and post it up on Kindle, Kobo, iBooks and Nook.


My question to you is…DO YOU WANT ME TOO? If you say no, you won’t hurt my feelings. If you say yes, well then I will deliver for you both here in my blog and in an ebook.


Tell me what you think about all of this. Comment below or go to and fill out the Contact box.


Let’s start with a story. All good books, fiction or non-fiction, should start with a story.

I saw a YouTube video not too long ago that featured a ancient video clip from the Dick Cavett Show. Incidentally, this talk-interview show was taped at an adjunct ABC Studio at 1313 Vine Street where I used to work for a while during my long career at ABC-TV.

Dick was interviewing Truman Capote. He asked Capote if good writing could be taught. Capote did not hesitate. “No,” he replied. “It can’t be taught, either you can write or you can’t.”

Not so, I say. Yeah, if you are writing like Truman Capote you can’t teach that gift from God. It is born skill that some people have. Many have that skill and don’t work to develop it. Some, like Capote, recognize they have that skill and work and work and work at it. They hone their craft. They increase their vocabulary. They create a style. But there is no reason why you can’t rise to some level of competence and skill. If you are reading this book it means you can read. And if you can read and you are reading this book you may just want to start a career, long or short, to write books. Books that can now be published by you on ebook platforms and retailers. Doing so, you then have an interest to write books that sell and that produce successful results.

In the last several years the entire publishing world has been turned on its head. The frothing desire to get an agent to publish your book in print has been supplanted by the ability for you to write and publish your own book. But remember this, you have to be your own editor and you have to be your own marketing guru. You can pay for those services and all of the other requirements to publish and market a book. But before you spend any of your 9-5 money why don’t you first try to do this task yourself. I really do have the confidence in you to do it yourself. I have that confidence because of your interest in this book you are reading now. That interest could very well help you with the writing and sales of your own books, whatever the subject matter. But even before you do all of that you have to write your book. This book is about helping you, guiding you, instructing you with a pathway to at least get the “thing” written, then writing another and then another. With each new book your writing will improve and the process will flow quicker. Your prose will be crisper and interesting. The more you write the more books you will sell.

This is not a book, NOT a book, about the mechanics or the hacks, kinks, or tricks about how to glean sales or marketing data from the electronic book sellers. This is NOT a book about all the marketing tools you can apply once your book is written. This book is about writing your book, the philosophy and mental gymnastics you must perform to write your book. This book is about how to write your book in the first place before you begin sales and marketing. It’s about exercising your writing skills.

You have to create a product to sell the product, obviously. I want to help you with the thought process to create that book. This book is about the art of creation. That is not a simple black and white issue. It is somewhat ethereal and somewhat mysterious. But there are ways to approach the process that will help you organize your thoughts and skillfully present them in a book that looks professional, that is helpful and appears to be well thought out. It will be a positive and interesting product your readers will enjoy.

In the end you will have created a book that you wrote based on your skill or that you can be proud of and that has the possibility of success. There is no guarantee of success but if you don’t try, if you don’t write your book you will never know. Give it and yourself the chance to succeed and to have a heck of a lot of fun in the process.

One more quick story and then we’ll get at it.

In 1990 my science fiction novel “SETI” was published in print by the New American Library ROC imprint from publisher Penguin USA in the U.S. and Canada and Headline Press in the U.K. and Australia. As my book began to sell and get some traction I started to get invitations to writing conferences. One I attended in Los Angeles. I sat on the dais telling the packed workshop room in hotel in Orange County how I came to write my book. Question & Answer time started and someone stood up and said, “It seems that just about anyone with an interest in science fiction can write a book like yours. It looks easy.”

There was an uncomfortable murmur throughout the room. Several people near the questioner turned and gave him a dirty look. Someone quietly told him to shut up and sit down. And then the assembled crowd turned their gaze toward me. How was author Frederick Fichman going to answer that snarky comment? I answered by suggesting to the gentleman that when this conference day was over he go home and sit in front of his typewriter, remember this was just before electronic word processing. I suggested he stick in a blank piece of typing paper into his typewriter and begin to write the first chapter of his Great American Novel. I suggested he not start with using the first sentence, “…It was a dark and stormy night…” or “….In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth…” Not so easy, eh?

All I can say now is, that’s not bad advice. Every journey begins with the first step, as the old hackneyed saying goes. You have to start somewhere. So, why don’t we start, “…In the beginning….”

I’ll post another chapter next week. Stay Tuned and thank you.

If you want to download the entire book now, go to:

Frederick Fichman