“My Home Inventory Journal”…you absolutely positively need this journal

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Home Inventory Journal COVER copy

Every Homeowner, Every Renter should have a copy of “My Home Inventory Journal”

I’ve just published a new journal that you should definitely consider purchasing. Under great and crushing pressure you will definitely need an inventory of your household and personal possessions. That is the first question any insurance company will ask you if you submit a claim for damage or loss. I have designed and constructed a thorough and easy to follow and use journal to do just that, “My Home Inventory Journal”

This is what is written on Amazon for the description of this book:

“My Home Inventory Journal.” YOU NEED THIS JOURNAL. YOU MUST HAVE THIS JOURNAL. Think of it this way: You will suffer inventory losses if these tragedies struck you, your family, or your home:







When you make a claim with your insurance company the first question they will ask you in such unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances: “Do you have an inventory detailing the items lost and what is the value of those items.” “My Home Inventory Journal” makes it quick and easy to document your valuables and possessions. When you are not under pressure and when you have the time to fill out “My Home Inventory Journal” you won’t have to worry about forgetting some valuable item after it has been stolen or destroyed. Your goal in such a tragedy is to make yourself whole once again and detailing your possessions is an essential tool to do just that.

You should keep one in your home and a duplicate off-premise in a safe and secure location. “My Home Inventory Journal” is dedicated…”To all those who realize it is better to be safe than sorry.” Be one of those people who understand the importance of keeping a list of your home inventory items.

I do hope you consider purchasing one or two of these very inexpensive journals that could save you time, trouble, and money. Go to: https://www.createspace.com/6293349 to purchase your copy of “My Home Inventory Journal”

Frederick Fichman