I Was Thinking…

I was just sitting around one bright sunny afternoon this week thinking about things. I was thinking about life.

Let’s see, I am 15 weeks old and maybe that is too deep a subject. But I can’t just run around like a wild woman all day, snarf up my food (which I have been doing lately like haven’t eaten in a week,) or begging for attention from Mommy and Daddy…which I always get. I love them. Sometimes a young lady like me has to think about life. And that is what I was doing in this picture you see of me, above. I asked Daddy what life was all about, why are we here, and what will I be when I grow up? I mean, I put the thought in his head. I really can’t talk. I’m a dog and dogs don’t talk. Not yet at least. But I can think and somehow my people know what I am thinking.

Anyway, Daddy said that life is what we make it. Sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are sad. But every day is a new day and I am going to make the best out of this one today. I’m gonna run around the house and the big field, my backyard, and chase after my yellow ball. I am going to chew everything in sight. I am going to stand still and be a good girl when Mommy brushes me. And when it’s time to sleep, which is off and on all day, I am going to sleep really well.

And when I wake up I am going to run over to my Mommy and kiss her and then run over to my Daddy and kiss him. Cause while I was asleep, I really missed them.

Okay, back to chewing, chasing, peeing, pooping, eating, drinking…and loving. See you later.