“Insterstellar” Coming To A Theater Near You

Interstellar Coming

The anticipated movie, “Interstellar,” will be coming to theaters in wide release tomorrow here in the U.S. I will be first in line tomorrow morning at 10:45am local time, about 11 hours from this posting, and I will be giving you my movie review as soon as I get home. But from all that I have seen and read I have the distinct feeling that I will love this movie. The running time is 169 minutes and it is a long duration film but I must see this film as soon as possible. Some reviewers have already written that this film is as important and monumental as Stanley Kubrick’s “2001.”

This movie event is important to me for two reasons. First, I spent a career in the television-film business in Hollywood and I haveĀ studied film for decades. Secondly, I write novels in the Science Fiction genre. My epic 799 page 220,000 word novel, “The SETI Trilogy,” is available now on Amazon Kindle. So, I am approaching this movie “Interstellar” from a unique perspective, an informed perspective and I can honestly tell you I can hardly wait to see this film.

I know that many of you are reading this blog live in countries other than the U.S. so your release dates will lag a bit behind the wide screen release tomorrow, November 7th. But, it will find its way to a theater near you. This is a big film with some big waves of excitement pushing it in your direction. Tomorrow, I will giveĀ  you my take on “Interstellar.” Stay tuned and thank you.

Frederick Fichman