Journals, Documenting Our Lives (updated 5-9-16)

My Recipe Journal 1 Cover copy

UPDATE  5-16, New Journal Just Added:

My Dog's Recipe Journal Golden SMALL


Here’s the text from a press released I just distributed:

JUST PUBLISHED. Author Frederick Fichman announced today that his initial release of 30 Recipe Journals has been published by Amazon’s print division Create Space. Mr. Fichman will be designing and publishing an additional 70 journals on Create Space in the coming weeks. Create Space is the print-on-demand division from

The first journals available allows for any home chef to secure and catalog their own recipes in a simple and easy to use format. At the front of each genre of journal an invaluable Measurement Guide is included. Each of the 30 different cooking categories includes a beautiful cover making each journal quickly identifiable. Every journal entry page is designed so that each recipe description and ingredient list is easily documented. Adequate entry space is provided so that each recipe can be included on one full journal page.

Future journals will include categories such as Travel, Personal Development, Hobbies and Notetaking and Idea journals. The entire line of 100 different journals will be available by the end of May 2016. Additional categories and types of journals will expand the entire library from development by Author Fichman and from customer suggestions.

Links to Create Space and descriptions of the Recipe Journal series can be found at the journal website,

So, there you have it. I am offering a new line of non-fiction books, beginning volumes available now. I will be rolling out new journals in the coming weeks and will be posting information about those new categories right here on this blog.

Below are a few examples of the initial journals being offered at

Dinner Journal Cover copyChicken Journal Cover RENNA cocktail-594173 copy Salad Journal Cover copy smoothie-833470 copySandwicSub Journal Cover copy


bye for now…Frederick Fichman


JUST ADDED to the Website

Every week a new recipe will be added to the website featuring all of my journals. Be sure to click on the Recipe of the Week tab. I am posting these weekly fantastic recipes that can be an addition to your own recipes in my Food and Cooking category of journals. Every Monday morning a new recipe will be posted. When 12 weeks of individual recipes have been posted I will collect all of those recipes into one book and will make these quarterly recipe books available on Amazon Kindle. Be sure to check every Monday for your new recipe.

Our first recipe is for Sour Cream Chocolate Cake. OMG, this cake will melt in your mouth with a flood of chocolate goodness. Check it out,