“Jurassic World,” My Take

Jurassic World

This movie review is probably going to be short because there is really not much to say. Because, I was thinking about “Jurassic World” the morning I was to go to the theater and I came to the conclusion, “I’ve seen this movie before,” three times. And so, when I left the theater I said to myself, “I’ve seen this movie before.” Yes there are new characters and the story line and action sequences are tweaked a bit, but it’s nearly the same narrative as the other Jurassic films I’ve seen. Generally the story rolls out: children in danger, subtle sexual tension and a lot of running and screaming from giant dinosaurs that went extinct 65 million years ago.

I guess the one saving grace for this film is that the CG effects, those are the computer generated graphics and special effects, are really superior compared with previous versions of the Jurassic saga. But you really can’t praise a movie for great special computer generated effects and say that it was one of the best movies you have ever seen. You could say that but…

Let me give you my tip about whether or not you can consider a movie you just saw really good or mercifully forgettable. One week post-viewing can you remember the story line in the film you just saw? That will determine whether the film is good or not. And for the life of me, I can’t remember accurately what happened in sequence in “Jurassic World.” I guess with effort I could lay out an outline of scenes, but why bother? It really all kinda runs together with the other Jurassic films.

Look it’s not a bad film; it’s just that it is unremarkable. This is my opinion only. The booming box office for this film says otherwise. But I think if you waited for Video On Demand, downloading it from iTunes or somewhere else, I personally don’t think you would be making a mistake. And if you leave out the scientific errors you probably could still enjoy this film with your family parked in front of your big screen TV at home, being able to stop the film occasionally for bathroom and food breaks.

Again, this is a review from my angle. You may feel differently. That is fine by me.

Like I said the morning I was about to see “Jurassic World” and the minute I walked out the theater exit, “I’ve seen this movie before.”

Fred Fichman