My Ray Bradbury Tribute

I was cruising the web today looking for clues and hints on ways to market my writing on the internet when I stumbled onto someone, who shall remain anonymous, who used a quotation from 20th Century writing giant, Ray Bradbury, as an example of how to write a book and become immediately famous and successful. It doesn’t quite happen like that, by the way. But it triggered again my personal memories of Ray Bradbury who passed away last year on June 5, 2012 in Los Angeles. At the time of his passing I wrote a tribute that I never could publish in a proper venue. I wanted something more than just a Letter to the Editor. So, I have saved this tribute for you, the readers of this blog published on my two websites, and It is my way of saying thank you to a true writing legend…here it is, composed June 10, 2012:


Just this morning I paused in front of a signed autographed Ray Bradbury photo Ray sent me, through a mutual friend, many years ago; that wonderful smile, those really cool black heavy glasses. I had the privilege and honor to know Ray, to share a meal with him, to speak with him on the phone and to pass correspondence. Through my connections while working at ABC-TV in Hollywood, I met Ray and had a wonderful introductory lunch with him talking for hours about the craft of writing. It was at a time when my avocation, now my full time vocation of authoring Science Fiction and other genre, was just beginning and now flourishes with my “SETI” trilogy on Kindle and Nook. Ray graciously gave of his time and expertise and to this day has made me a better writer.

It had been some time since I last spoke with him and was saddened to hear the recent news of his passing. I thought a man of his strength, cunning, wit and intelligence could figure out a way to live forever. But in a way…he does. We can read his mind by reading his books. His stories will live forever in print and digitally as well. My only hope is that there are some hidden edit-corrected manuscripts from his pen that are ready for publication. If not, just re-reading his work is enough for me. Have a pleasant journey my friend to your new destination…oh wait, you are already there.