New Grand Canyon Video


GC BookCover Update 10-27-14 copy

New Grand Canyon North Rim video just uploaded and active on my YouTube Channel. Running Time is 2:44. Click on Link to view:

Description on YouTube: Book Trailer for the Just Published and Updated 2014 Edition of: “Grand Canyon-Your South & North Rim Guide to Hiking, Dining & Lodging.” This complete and very popular book will give you all the information you need for your next visit to one of the wonders of the world, The Grand Canyon. You will see photographs very few other guides include. This video is a glimpse of the magic and spectacle in store for you on the North Rim of the canyon. Videos of the South Rim are also available on Frederick Fichman’s YouTube Channel, please subscribe for more cool vids to come. For more information and a direct link to Amazon Kindle to purchase this book go to: and please Share, Like and Comment this YouTube video.


Fred F