Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time….
Storytelling began before written history. Tales were told by a fire, in a cave or in a deep dark forest or possibly on the plains of Africa, with wild animals crying in the night. The earliest recorded storytelling was by Gilgamesh, as he told of the accomplishments and triumphs of a Sumerian king. The earliest written record is found in Egypt as the sons of Pharaoh Cheops was told by his sons.
Storytelling at its best today is found in the books written by accomplished authors or by journalists or bloggers. But watching last night a DVD I ordered for the movie “Life of Pi,” prompted me to write this blog in praise of the Story and Storytelling. The story in the original book written by Yann Martel and the movie version adaptation screenplay is superb. To weave a story in a speech, to tell a fascinating tale at the dinner table, or to put a truly intriguing story on paper or in an ebook is the deepest hope of many. It is The Goal for compulsive and driven storytellers whose hearts are bursting with imagination and ideas to spin out some funny, wicked or mysterious collection of words.
I think about you my readers every time I sit in front of my computer as I continue my labors to finish “SETI, Conception,” as I finish my outline for “Megaptera” or as I constantly think about my fantasy manuscript of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1804 that will be described in my book, “The Feather.” I just wanted you to know that I try to please both myself and you, always thinking about what would set your imagination on fire. And after you read that last sentence before “The End” I consider what is that would put a smile on your face.
Just one more item before I close this weeks’ blog, I have put together a 3 minute video that you can find at YouTube.com and Vimeo.com. You can click on the url addresses below.
Hoping you have a great weekend and a productive coming week. Drop me note, even just to say hello.
Frederick Fichman