Visit the Zoo Podcast and Patreon

I am pleased to announce a new Patreon program I have created for my just released “Visit the Zoo Podcast” that is now live. Listeners and subscribers to this new podcast will be able to shape and participate in the future growth and expansion of the podcast as well as all other elements in upcoming content publishing and DVD production for the Visit the Zoo project.

With this new injection of finances I will be able to sustain the ongoing cost in the research, production, and digital online maintenance of the “Visit the Zoo Podcast.”

There are now 5 episodes available since I began this new podcast series 3 weeks ago distributed by my podcast host, Podbean. The podcast is also available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spreaker, Spotify, and TuneIn. A new episode will be uploaded every Monday morning.

With the expansion of finances for “Visit the Zoo” I will be able to hire more virtual assistance to produce more content and product. I am also planning a new short :60-:90 daily podcast with short biographical descriptions of selected animals in the animal world. I am also assembling the many animal still photographs that I took for the 12-book “Visit the Zoo” ebook , print book series and the DVD for a portfolio that will be made available on the professional photography website The books and DVD are now available  on Amazon and Amazon subsidiary CreateSpace.

The Patreon account creation will  allow me to improve my studio sound with new equipment, sharper animal  still photography with professional photo gear, and the crossover to 4K for all future video production for volumes 2-12 in the DVD video series. Volume One was recently released and is doing well in the  marketplace.

In sum, I hope you will be able to visit my Patreon site at and that you will consider supporting our efforts to build an entertaining and educational podcast that can be enjoyed by kids of ALL ages.

Thank you…please visit my Patreon site as well as our podcasts and be sure to Subscribe…Rate…Review.


Fred Fichman




“Visit the Zoo” Volume One DVD Now Available for Wholesale and Bulk Purchase

Just signed a contract with Allied Vaughn to distribute VTZ #1 to the wholesale market-school districts, libraries, bookstores, etc. Check out my store at

Bulk orders are accepted, starting with 1 unit, with a 25% discount.

More announcements are also coming soon, especially if you like podcasts.

Stay Tuned.

Frederick Fichman


Mola Mola

New Videos In-Production

Update 7-25-17

Now Available on Amazon:

Update 7-7-17

Now Available

 Update 7-12-17

Video Trailer for “Visit the Zoo, Volume One” DVD is now available on YouTube


Project Summary

Visit the Zoo, Volume One


List Price: $12.95

38 minutes, NTSC

UPC: 191091457153

The “Visit the Zoo” DVD series gives children, young adults and adults an immediate appreciation for the animal world. There are little known facts about these animals that will astonish young and mature minds. The purpose of the series is to expose our young ones to the animals who share our planet. From all corners of our world zoos have collected these wondrous creatures from places on earth that most of these children and young adults will never visit.

Watching Volume One and all of the other DVD videos is like taking a walk through the zoo. Still Photographs, video, wild sound effects, & Music will make it feel like you are really at the zoo. It is like having your own personal docent.

This is DVD video Volume One in a 12-Volume Series presenting over 120 animals from around the world.

The print editions for the “Visit the Zoo” books have been reviewed and endorsed by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums in Geneva, Switzerland. These DVD videos are a direct multimedia experience drawn from the “Visit the Zoo” 12-book series.


My first DVD has been uploaded to CreateSpace and Amazon.

I’ll get final approval in 10 days…then it’s on to volume 2-12.

No rest for the weary and wicked.


I am about half-way through production on video Number One of the first three videos I am producing, available in DVD format or available for download, from my 12-book “Visit the Zoo” series. All 12 books in this series are available now in print and ebook format on and The first three books will also be available shortly as audiobooks available on and on

Video One should be released in about 3 weeks with the other two available in June or July.

The narration tracks have been recorded. The film and still photography have been assembled. The wild sound, music, and animals sounds have been assembled so now it is time for editing. I am using my complete skill set in video production that I have learned and practiced my entire adult life beginning with my film school experience at Kansas University and following with my experience in broadcast television, most of that time spent with ABC-TV in Hollywood. So, these videos will be a multimedia experience as I explore the world and lives of over 120 animals through word, picture, film, video, still, sounds, and support graphics and animation.

But it is the Video and Audio editing that I am working on now that is the most challenging. I am using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Stock, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects as well as numerous stock audio and video libraries. But most of what you see for picture and sound I have recorded, photographed, or shot video myself in HD 1080p.

I would like to describe the video and audio editing process as knowing where to drop, cut, slide and pull both image and sound. It is an aesthetic sense of knowing what looks and sounds right. It is knowing when to cut tight or loose and when to hang onto a shot or let it drop. But above all, it is fun and I can hardly wait to show you the results.

So, stand by, it is all coming soon. For more information on this “Visit the Zoo” 12-book series, you can go to

I’ll keep you informed as to my progress.

Frederick Fichman

AUDIOBOOK for “Noah, An Animal Adventure Fantasy” Just Published on Audible, Amazon, & iTunes


NOW ON iTunes:

 Click on icon to the left to Access Link


It took many hours recording the narration, editing the narration, and then finally uploading all of the narration tracks to ACX and Audible. But my first audiobook has now been published on, and on iTunes. “Noah, An Animal Adventure Fantasy” follows in the same foot steps as the children’s classic, “The Little Prince.” But with a difference. I have written and narrated “Noah, An Animal Adventure Fantasy” based on personal experience and tragedy. So, this book is very personal for me. There was no way I was going to hire a professional “voice” to narrate my book. I’ve done it on my own and I am thrilled with the results.

I hope you will have the opportunity to either read this, my latest novel, as an ebook or in print, or listen to the audiobook. For links to these three formats/versions of my book please click on this link to go to

Thank you


Fred Fichman

Big, Big Project Now In-Work


So, what’s been going on? I published a new young adult, adult book, “Noah, an Animal Adventure Fantasy.” It is available on Kindle and also in print from Amazon’s subsidiary, Create Space at:

Now, the biggie…I am now in-work on a massive new project. I am converting all of my 12 “Visit the Zoo” book series into a multimedia DVD that should be available in stages, 3 books per release. The entire project will take about 2 months. Each DVD will include narration of text, original still photos, video clips, audio clips of animals and jungle background, and music background. Check out my dedicated “Visit the Zoo” website at

I will keep you update as I progress on this massive project. I am doing all the work myself so it may take a bit longer than anticipated. But, with 12–14 hours per day it should move along quickly.
Frederick Fichman

Audiobook – “NOAH”

I am trying something new, starting today. I am laying down audio files to be assembled in chapters by and turned into an audiobook by, an Amazon subsidiary. All of my digital and print work is published through Amazon. I am recording my latest young adult novel, “Noah.” It will be available on Amazon and Audible. There are 14 chapters in my book, today I recorded 5 chapters. Pix below show some of my tools. I thought I would take all of you along during this first audiobook attempt. The last time I was behind a mic was for my Sunday afternoon shift on the University of Kansas low-watt am student station that barely made it beyond the city limits of Lawrence, Kansas. For 2 hours spinning disks, rip-and-read AP news copy off the wire, and dropping in sponsor ads. That was in 1967…yeah, you can compute that to 50 years ago. Where in the hell did 50 years go? “Noah” as an audiobook will be published sometime in April.


Frederick Fichman