“SETI Trilogy,” First Chapter Reads

I am going to try something different.  I want to introduce you to my anthology, “The SETI Trilogy” by reading the first chapter from each of the three books. I actually recorded this and posted it up on YouTube awhile back. Eventually I am going to read the entire trilogy of books and put it up on Audible.com for sale. But for now, I want you to hear my read of those three books opening chapters to see how the story from each book starts out in the hope that you may then want to purchase the anthology on Amazon Kindle.

I will tell you, and you will quickly find out, that I am not a professional narrator. Many of the audio books that are available are read by professional for-hire narrators in professional studio environments. That’s nice, it sounds great and is pleasing to the ear. But I think, in my personal unbiased opinion, that there is something very special about a book being read by the author of a book he/she wrote. So, let’s get to it.

Below are the book covers from each of the books I wrote and the first chapters I read. Just click on the cover or the link below the cover to be taken automatically to YouTube and my read. And below the individual book covers I have added the cover of the anthology. Click on that cover and you will be taken directly to my Amazon Kindle sales page for “The SETI Trilogy.” Enjoy.





SETI II Final Cover-NOOK205-268










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