Sky Journal, 5-17-2014 “What’s A Mop”

So, Mommy and Daddy, better known as Fred and Vicki, took me back to my favorite store, Petsmart. I love to go on outings. And we are buying my favorite food, treats. And the lady at the desk with this machine and there is a big lighted sign that says, “1” that Mommy calls the Cashier, the lady said to me…”Oh, look how cute…you could turn her over and use her as a mop.”
The woman laughed. I didn’t laugh. Mommy didn’t laugh. Daddy didn’t laugh. Daddy gave her what he told me later was a “dirty look” and when we got in the car he called her a not-so-nice name. The first word started with an “F” and the last word sounded like itch. Anyway, I don’t know if I like Petsmart anymore…except for all the treats and looking at the parakeet cage.
Okay, here is picture number two for this journal entry. I am going to warn you now, it is very, very scary:
Yeah, it’s what you think it is, a needle. A shot. I went back to the doctor again for another shot. That big ugly bear-man stuck me right in the side with it while the nurse pinned me down cooing in my ear trying to calm me down. Let me ask you a question. Look at that scary looking thing. Would you be calm if you saw that torture weapon coming at you? I think not. I heard the humans talking and they said I have to do this shot-thingie one more time and that’s it, thank goodness. But listen to this, in about four months I have to go back and get, “fixed.” What’s fixed? I will let you know what that is all about when it happens. I think I heard I will be asleep when it happens. Well, I sleep in my bed in my home, no fixing please. I’ll pass on that.
Till next time,