Sky Journal for 6-8-14–The Country Called Kansas and My Pretty Red Vest

Whew…so much has been going on lately.

First of all, the picture above. That’s me, I’m the black ball of fur, actually since I am a poodle it’s hair, on the left side of the picture. Those pretty red blocks of rocks in the background…those are pretty red blocks of rocks. My auntie Carol from a country called Kansas came to Arizona to visit me last week. We had a real fun time. This picture was taken in a strange Arizona city called Sedona.

I heard Mommy and Daddy talking about the vortex situation and the crystals and the hiking in this area. All I know is it was my first big trip out to see the world. It was hot that day and I was thirsty. And guess what, Sedona wasn’t the big field called my backyard so I didn’t pee for six long stomach paining hours ’cause I wasn’t in my backyard. That’s just not right, ya gotta pee where ya know, right?

Anyway we went to a restaurant and sat outside. My Mommy gave me some food and water. So, I was happy and fell asleep on Daddy’s foot. I know his smell really good now so I was happy. And as soon as we got home, guess what I did? Yep, I took a pee and then a poop. But you really don’t take them, you leave them

The day before we went to this huge bowl of water called Lynx Lake and took a hike. Sometimes I am not sure about my Daddy, he read the trail map and confidently said to Auntie Carol, Mommy and me…”Not to worry, it’s only about a mile around the lake. Well…yeah….if you were a bird and flew in a straight line, didn’t have to crawl over rocks, and didn’t have to take water breaks…more like 2 or 3 Daddy. Someday, he’ll learn.

He did do something cool though, really, it was cool. He walked me down to the shore line and let me get into that huge bowl of water. It felt so nice to walk into a bunch of water and not just drink it. You can play in it too. I bet you didn’t think of that.

Ya see, I could do that travelling because I had my last needle poking from the big bear-man doctor on Tuesday. He told me that this last shot is good for a year. Hooray. Now I go back next month for another stupid shot for a thing called rabies and I get fixed, he said, at the same time. I told him I’m pretty well fixed up already and no thanks. Some humans just don’t get what I am trying to say.

By the way, how do you like my new red vest? Pretty cool, hunh? A long red string hooks up to it. I don’t think I like the string, I like my vest because my black hair looks good against my bright red vest. I am trying to be an up to date fashionista as much possible with my accessories like the red vest. I am a young lady and I have to look good if I want a boyfriend later on. But my people keep saying I won’t have to worry about boyfriends coming around after I am “fixed” next month. I just don’t understand the concept, “fixed.” Can someone please tell me what’s up with that.

Any way, by for now. Bye till next time.