Slide Share Presentation Uploads Now Live

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Heard of Slide Share? I didn’t until a few days ago.

I was listening to a podcast from Leslie Samuel at, He is a great source of tips on how to maximize a blog…like this one. He casually said that writers and authors are using Slide Share to help promote their books. Did some investigation on Slide Share and found out they have about 60 million visitors to their site each month. Not as big as Facebook’s 1.3 billion, that’s right folks, 1.3  billion visitors/users per month, but for a target market that authors are seeking, why not.

The site  is basically a repository for PowerPoint presentations. You can upload jpegs and pdf files as well. What’s nice about is that you can deliver a great deal of data on your presentation with pictures, text, video, graphs…all the great things that PowerPoint is known for.

So, that is what I just did. I uploaded three PowerPoint presentations onto Slide Share for both of my anthology books, “The SETI Trilogy” and my 12-book collection, “Visit the Zoo.” I’ve also uploaded a presentation to SlideShare for my “Grand Canyon,” a guide to the South Rim. Links are below, check them out and tell me what you think. Thanks.

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Bye for now…Fred F