Something Different

And now for something different…

I thought I would share with the world through my writing blog some of the more pithy posts I put up on Facebook today, in reverse chronological order:

Okay, one more item for today and I will leave you all alone and stop posting on FB.
So, people have come up to me, sometimes perfect strangers, and they say…”Hey You…I respond by saying…Yes…you seem to know about things…and I say, yes, that’s true, I do know about things…well then, can you tell me what is Yoiking?” Here are two perfect examples of the lost SAMI art of Yoiking, popular with Laplanders.

I’ve been hearing a great deal lately about Body Mass Index. I saw this in our local rag newspaper this a.m. and thought I would pass it along to you as part of my continuing Public Service program to my Friends, Followers and certain n’er-do-wells who are sneaking a peek at my Facebook page.