The Digital Revolution is Here, Like it or Not

Last week the National Association of Broadcasters held its annual conference and exhibit in Las Vegas. Over 80,000 people attended to look at all of the latest and greatest broadcast equipment, software and media production gear. If you read my Bio you will see that I spent most of my television broadcasting career at ABC-TV in Hollywood. I would make the annual trek to NAB and attended during a time that everything was analog, now it all digital. It is digital, smaller, and lighter with picture and sound resolution that is getting close to real life, how we truly see and hear the world around us. Soon, broadcast, download or streamed images and sound will be so lifelike that the line between real and virtual will almost be erased.

More than the resolution it is the global coverage of our digital world that is astonishing. The business models for broadcasters and major media companies have also changed. The large television networks no longer dominate like they once did. It is Facebook, YouTube and Ustream that is stealing attention and eyeballs by the tens of millions. And without social media and other digital “broadcast” platforms hope for your product and service sales is minimal. You must participate in this digital revolution whatever you do for a living, whatever you make or produce or service. Digital components are embedded in our cars, homes and our bodies. There is no escaping the Integrated Circuit and what is to follow.

That is why I post frequently on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and here on my weekly blog. I want you to know what I am doing as an author. I have more than 20 books now published on Kindle, Nook and KOBO. More is on the way and “in-work”, but I want to keep connected with you, my readers, and my audience. That is why I am moving forward, very soon now, putting together an audio podcast with a video YouTube component as well. For fifteen minutes or so I will tell you what I am working on, how I am progressing with my latest new book, and occasionally bringing on a guest or two to turn my podcast into a Master Series of people expert in their field.  I also want you to hear some natural sound that I have recorded on my Sony PCM-D50 stereo digital field recorder. I’ll drop in a clip or two every now and then. I want to keep this Podcast varied and interesting and I would like to request feedback from you as to what you would like to hear or want me to capture for you. I will try to make my Podcast “Sound Rich” for you the listener, not just a talking head, me, all the time.

My question to you is, are you interested in listening to such a podcast? It will be free, of course, and available on iTunes and other Podcast venues. You will be able to listen on your computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet or other digital devices.

I want to know what you think, again…would you listen to a regular podcast, let’s say once per week or several times per month? Let me know, comment below or even send me an email.

                                Tell me what you think.

Frederick Fichman