“The SETI Trilogy” First Chapters Read by Author Frederick Fichman Uploaded to YouTube

I have just uploaded to YouTube the Introduction and Chapter One for each book in “The SETI Trilogy” as read by the author, that’s me. I am doing this as a test to see if you think I should proceed by placing all three individual books and the 3-book one volume anthology, “The SETI Trilogy” into the audible.com library. For the market that likes to listen to books I would like to make my books available.
I have also recorded and uploaded to YouTube a reading of my books to help get anyone interested enough to buy my SETI books from Kindle motivated to purchase.
Below you will see the YouTube links which should take you directly to my YouTube Channel and the book(s) you wish to listen to and enjoy. Please comment on this blog or use my Contact Form on my website at www.frederickfichman.com and tell me what you think. If you do purchase any or all of my books please comment and review directly on the Amazon Kindle sales page for the book of your choice.
Thank you again for your support.