Complete Meal Gourmet Cookbook


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There Should Be A Law…that some people should be prohibited from stepping into a kitchen to cook. I would like you to read the Preface for my new book, “The Complete Meal Gourmet Cookbook”:

The fateful night came several years ago, when I was walking away from a friend’s house one chilly autumn California evening. It was then and there that I decided I would never put a guest through what I had just been through…a lousy pseudo-gourmet dinner. It was a Chinese dinner attempt. I mean, how could you mess up a dinner with mixed vegetables and chicken. 

It Happened. 

The chicken fried in the wok for 20 minutes. It should have been two minutes. The vegetables cooked for 30 minutes. There is no exaggeration here. It should have taken no more than 30 seconds. The color of the final product was gray. The texture was mushy. The taste…forget it. 

Good eating is made up of these elements: COLOR, TEXTURE and TASTE. Good cooking is the right combination of those three keys. And yet, you the reader, anxiously thumbing through this book will quickly realize you can realized those goals. Cooking like this, as described in this book, can be fun, easy, and oh so impressive. The recipes and techniques herein are no different than the scrambled eggs or hamburgers you are attempting now, just a few more steps and the right ingredients. For you, the ones whose meals don’t seem to have that sharp edge you’ve seen in restaurants or those magnificent gourmet food magazines, well, we will help. 

That story, true, justifies my premise that some supposed chefs or cooks should be barred from preparing food for others.

So, awhile back I wrote this cookbook that tackled not only individual dishes but complete meals as well. From ingredients to table settings, I have put together a primer describing how to put it all together. What I learned managing Food Services, one of my admin departments I ran at ABC-TV in Hollywood, is thrown into this book.

You can take parts and pieces from my suggestions or use the entire “How To” chapters for 10 complete meals. Veal Marsala, Sunday Brunch, or Prime Rib, there is much to chose from in “The Complete Meal Gourmet Cookbook.” You can purchase your copy in Kindle digital form from at     or in full-color print from Amazon subsidiary at

Give it a try, you won’t be sorry and your family and guests will love you for it.

Fred Fichman