Visit the Zoo Podcast – New Episode Upload to iTunes

I want talk a bit about podcasting and my process in putting together my “Visit the Zoo Podcast.”

First, my latest episode, number 14, has just been released today, Sunday, July 14th.

It is now up on iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, TuneIn, Google Play, and at my home rss home, This episode is a bit different because I am introducing a new segment where I highlight one zoo with details and fascinating information about who they are and what they do. The first zoo I am describing in detail is The Virginia Zoo and I want to thank Ashley Mars, Marketing Manager at The Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, VA, for providing me with great detail about her zoo.

I used that information from Ashley to start work on my “Visit the Zoo” Podcast Rundown. The rundown I used is a derivative outline document that I saw throughout my long career in network broadcast television. And it is just that, an outline. I string together all the segments I will be using throughout each podcast. I mark down the fixed segments that repeat weekly and add a new features for that week. I place all segment break music cues or bumper music to segue from one segment to another.

After I have put together my Rundown I finish research on the three mystery animal sounds and mark down onĀ  index cards a brief description of the animals for that week.

Then, to my recording equipment. I’ve turned my home office into a recording studio with sound suppression, a pro dynamic mic from MXL, a dbx 286 sound gate, and a Tascam digital recorder. I use a Mackie mixer and a digital cart machine on my computer to load all pre-recorded material. I then transfer the MP3 file to Adobe Audition and smooth out the track with all of the audio glitches removed. I finally upload the completed podcast into my host account at where the RSS host feed moves it out to the world.

It has been almost 3 months since I started my podcast with 15 episodes including an “About Me” episode . So far I have seen almost 15,000 downloads in total and accelerating all the time. Most of the distribution is in the United States but I have been receiving download requests from 12 other countries.

The one element to all of this that is of utmost importance is that I am having fun. I love doing the research and telling the world about what I have learned about the animal world. My target audience is children and young adults but my podcast is constructed and presented so that kids of all ages will enjoy “Visit the Zoo Podcast.” I am using my 12-book “Visit the Zoo” as the jumping-off point for all of the animal descriptions I present. My “Visit the Zoo” series includes 120 animals so I am off to a good start. Scientists have estimated there are approximately 8.3 million animal species who share the planet Earth with us…so, I have along way to go and bringing you the Animal World.

Frederick Fichman