Visit the Zoo Podcast and Patreon

I am pleased to announce a new Patreon program I have created for my just released “Visit the Zoo Podcast” that is now live. Listeners and subscribers to this new podcast will be able to shape and participate in the future growth and expansion of the podcast as well as all other elements in upcoming content publishing and DVD production for the Visit the Zoo project.

With this new injection of finances I will be able to sustain the ongoing cost in the research, production, and digital online maintenance of the “Visit the Zoo Podcast.”

There are now 5 episodes available since I began this new podcast series 3 weeks ago distributed by my podcast host, Podbean. The podcast is also available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spreaker, Spotify, and TuneIn. A new episode will be uploaded every Monday morning.

With the expansion of finances for “Visit the Zoo” I will be able to hire more virtual assistance to produce more content and product. I am also planning a new short :60-:90 daily podcast with short biographical descriptions of selected animals in the animal world. I am also assembling the many animal still photographs that I took for the 12-book “Visit the Zoo” ebook , print book series and the DVD for a portfolio that will be made available on the professional photography website The books and DVD are now available  on Amazon and Amazon subsidiary CreateSpace.

The Patreon account creation will  allow me to improve my studio sound with new equipment, sharper animal  still photography with professional photo gear, and the crossover to 4K for all future video production for volumes 2-12 in the DVD video series. Volume One was recently released and is doing well in the  marketplace.

In sum, I hope you will be able to visit my Patreon site at and that you will consider supporting our efforts to build an entertaining and educational podcast that can be enjoyed by kids of ALL ages.

Thank you…please visit my Patreon site as well as our podcasts and be sure to Subscribe…Rate…Review.


Fred Fichman