Write Your Own Book, Make Some Cash

In the Introduction to my new book I wrote the following:

I saw a YouTube video not too long ago that featured a video clip from the Dick Cavett Show. Incidentally, this talk-interview show was taped at an adjunct ABC Studio at 1313 Vine Street where I used to work for a while during my long career at ABC-TV.

Dick was interviewing Truman Capote. He asked Capote if good writing could be taught. Capote did not hesitate. “No,” he replied. “It can’t be taught, either you can write or you can’t.”

Not so, I say. Yeah, if you are writing like Truman Capote you can’t teach that gift from God. It is born skill that some people have. Many have that skill and don’t work to develop it. Some, like Capote, recognize they have that skill and work and work and work at it. They hone their craft. They increase their vocabulary. They create a style. But there is no reason why you can’t rise to some level of competence and skill.”

And I believe that. I also believe that you can write a 25 or 35 or 50 page book about your passion, hobby or knowledge in some specific area. Whether it is baking a cake, knitting, photography, raising a newborn baby or painting a picture, you can write about it. Remember the old 50’s TV series, “Learn How to Draw with Jon Nagy.” Uh oh, I just dated myself. That’s what I’m talking about, except it’s about writing an eBook and not painting.

There are others out there in the world who are trying to develop that skill of cooking, want to know how to make tons of money, or whatever skill they want to develop that could be your potential audience. People want to know what you know and how you do what you do. The easiest way to teach them is to write an eBook. Write an eBook on a subject that many many many people are clamoring to learn about. It could be fun and you could make some money. Now I have your attention.

I wrote “Write & Publish Your Ebook-10 Steps to Success” to help you develop some simple skills that could lead you to a completed eBook posted on Kindle, Nook, KOBO, iBooks and to success.

I just published this “How To” book on Amazon Kindle, Barnes&Noble Nook, and KOBO Books…coming soon to the Apple iBooks store. The easiest way to get direct links, to read the book description, and download the book, selling for $2.99, is to go to my website, http://www.frederickfichman.com. Check it out…tnx, till next time.