www.nationalparkjournal.us Now Up and Running

I am reposting, below, because www.nationalparkjournal.us is now up and running:

National Park Journals

My National Park and Cruise journals are the most purchased books I write or design, consistently from month to month. These journals allow people to memorialize their travel adventures. Imagine being able to look back 10 or 20 years from now and reading what you have written in these journals on a trip that you still remember even into old age.

If you do plan any type of travel journey this summer I urge you to purchase one of these inexpensive journals and write down those memories of the fun and discoveries you made on those trips.

I have written and designed journals for the top-ten most visited national parks in the NPS system (in order of attendance):

Great Smoky Mountains

Grand Canyon

Rocky Mountain





Grand Teton



Several months ago I made an executive decision to design and write journals for all 58 parks in the NPS system. I made that pledge publically here in an earlier blog. I am going to produce another 48 journals to fulfill that pledge. I can assure you that it will take me an entire year to do the work. I will release these future National Park Journals in blocks.

I have also recently obtained the url for www.nationalparkjournal.us. I am going to build a website specific for those national park journals. I will finish that job within the next month and will populate that new website with my National Park journal selections published and available on Amazon and Amazon subsidiary Create Space. If you go to www.nationalparkjournal.us you will just see the GoDaddy holding page. But the website and landing page should be up soon.

If you want to see ALL of my journals now available for purchase then go to: